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27th February 2008, 11:02
I've been using Adobe Acrobat for many years to create and edit PDFs. Older versions from 3 to 5 were quite unstable and flaky on many systems, but since version 6 it has been very stable and easier to use with each new version. With version 8.0 being a big improvement and easier to use than any previous version.

But with the release of the Adobe studio bundles came Acrobat 8.1 and for some reason this has suddenly introduced some instability back into the product.

With 8.0 I had no errors, no crashing, no problems. But since upgrading to 8.1 I've had a host of issues, and I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing similar issues, either with the full Acrobat 8.1 product, or with the 8.1 Acrobat reader.

The problems are:

PDFs loaded into the browser from weblinks on websites don't always load properly. Often the first page will load up and then the remaining pages will just be blank squares.
When starting the full Adobe Acrobat 8.1 application it sometimes starts the installer instead of loading the already installed application, and then proceeds to install it all again and then asks you to reboot to complete the installation. Doing so and trying to load Acrobat instead starts the installer again. :mad:
If trying to run Acrobat the above last point occurs with it trying to install itself again, but if I load a PDF it opens Acrobat perfectly fine and I can open, close and create PDFs.
When quitting Acrobat after using it to view a PDF to pops up an error message saying that Acrobat has caused an error and could not write memory at a certain address. This error seems to be happening to quite a few people when I did a Google search.
Finally when I've created a PDF in 8.1 and saved it, it loads up fine on the same system, but sometimes it can't be viewed on another system. Reloading and saving it on the original system often then instantly fixes this strange issue.So has anyone else experienced any of this happening?

Currently until today I had 8.1 working, but on quitting I was always getting the memory error. But I tried to fix this following a guide on the Adobe site, and now I'm back to it trying to install every time I try to load it up! :mad::mad::mad:

The next thing I might do is completely uninstall Acrobat from the system and just revert back to 8.0, if it will let me!

27th February 2008, 11:07
I have Acrobat 7 for creating pdfs and used to use reader 8 for reding them however the other day there came an update that made reader completely unusable so i just uninstalled it so i don't know what Adobe are doing but they made it a real brick.:lol:

6th March 2008, 00:39
I finally did a complete uninstall of Acrobat 8.1 from the system, rebooted, and then manually deleted any remaining traces of it left behind. Then I installed the older 8.0 version. And 8.0 is so far running perfectly, without any of the error messages. :)

Not sure but the 8.0 Pro version I have is standalone, whereas the 8.1 Pro version I had installed before was installed as part of the CS3 Master Collection. Not sure what difference that would make, but at least i now have a fully working version of Acrobat on here again which is the main thing.