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15th February 2008, 16:44
A friend is a devoted Mac user :nuts: , but anyway, I built and maintain his portfolio website for him, and I'm currently building a completely new portfolio site for him based around the Gallary2 software, making it easier for him to upload and edit the content without me needing to get involved.

But before that is ready he needed to have a video on his existing site as an article is due to be published next week referring to it. He sent me the video and it plays fine in Quicktime and looks good, but when I try to embed it into a webpage it just crashed the whole browser. I've tried running it in IE, FF, Opera and Safari and they all crash as soon as it tried to open the video.

Very strange.

If any of you get a moment could you try opening the video and see if it runs on your systems? The page linking to the video can be found here (http://www.steinarlund.com/index.php?p=animationart&sh=art&m=1). Click on "whipps video" to load the popup window and view the video.

And something else. It's definitely something to do with the Quicktime H264 codec being used for this video as I tried to load the video up in Cleaner XL to convert it to a different codec and try that, but it crashed Cleaner too! :hmmm:

15th February 2008, 16:49
Apple wonder why people don't like them! There was a newer version of Quicktime 7 available so I decided to try upgrading to see if that would fix the problem. So the Apple Software Update started, found and let me select the Quicktime update, download it... but then throw up a message saying the files signature was not recognised so it couldn't install it! Nice! So Apple provide a simple upgrade system that downloads updates directly from them, and yet they don't contain the correct signature to confirm they are from Apple. LMFAO!!! :lol: How crap is that!

And what is the Apple Software Update's suggestion to this error? "Errors occurred while installing the updates. If the problem persists try installing manually." Great work Apple!

15th February 2008, 16:57
Just DL QT (God i hate this programme) and played the clip and it worked fine. Sounds like you have some issues on your PC. Just remove all traces of QT, burn the HDD that it was on to sterilise the infection and start again.;)

Stephen Coates
15th February 2008, 17:07
Seems fine here.

15th February 2008, 17:16
and fine here too!

15th February 2008, 17:16
Not to worry. I eventually got Quicktime to update to the latest version of 7 and it now works fine in all browsers. So the existing version of QT I had installed must have been a bit messed up. I hate QT! But sadly it is needed for certain things.

Another reason to avoid Macs, as OSX and all previous Mac OSs need QT installed as it is an integral part of the OS, adding a lot of default abilities. Not sure if it is still the case, but years ago you needed QT installed just to access the CD drive! Quite mad!.

15th February 2008, 17:20
No more insane than various windows requirements. Like needing to use windows in the first place.

Stephen Coates
15th February 2008, 22:41
Not sure if it is still the case, but years ago you needed QT installed just to access the CD drive! Quite mad!.

Which PC fanboy told you that harrison?

16th February 2008, 00:33
No one told me it Steve, I had to use them! When Macs first adopted CD-Rom drives they had to also have Quicktime installed in order to access the drives. And I do know for a fact that even today Quicktime is tied heavily into Mac OS and the OS wouldn't function without it.

16th February 2008, 17:19
Works ok under OS4