View Full Version : Acube Systems: Minimig available!

10th February 2008, 10:47
Today, Acube Systems announced the availability of the Minimig. Here's an excerpt from their webpage:

Bassano del Grappa (Italy), 10 February 2008.

ACube Systems is pleased to announce the availability of the highly acclaimed Minimig.

The Minimig can be ordered directly from ACube Systems and soon from other resellers. Two options are available:

* Fully assembled board with 1GB SD Card at the price of 138 EUR.
* Fully assembled board with 1GB SD Card and a PSU at the price of 149 EUR.

For both options the packaging includes a brief instruction manual translated in English, German, Italian and French. All prices excluding local taxes and shipping costs.

Anyone of you going to get hold of a Minimig?

Stephen Coates
10th February 2008, 11:04
The Minimig is definately interesting and I would like to have one one day, but at te moment I don't really have much use for it so I would rather just stick with my A500+.

10th February 2008, 13:26
Haven't made my mind up yet.
Would defo have an AGA equivalent.
Will have a look at my collection and see what I can and cant use with it.

12th February 2008, 17:24
I'm interested just for the fact it is Amiga related. As for practical use. I have none at all as I tend to run all games and other Amiga software via emulation most of the time these days.