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8th February 2008, 04:45
There is actually an option for the X-Arcade controller under 'Game & I/O Ports', but it's only for either the left or the right controller. Although it works, I found it that a better way to set up WinUAE for the X-Arcade is to not even bother with the 'Game & I/O Ports' setting, but to use a custom keyboard configuration under 'Input' to map the controller key code to the Amiga input.

Under 'Game & I/0 Ports', set port 0 to 'Mouse *'.
No need to change the setting for port 1.
Paste the following code into all the configurations files with which you wish to use the X-Arcade controller. Make sure you paste the code at the very end of the file. If you already have settings for 'input.4.leyboard.0', you will have to delete those.


This will create a custom mapping for 'Configuration #4'. The next time you load this configuration in the WinUAE GUI, make sure you go and select 'Configuration #4' and save the configuration file.

The mappings will be as follows. Note that they are mapped to 'Mode 1', which is the default, of the X-Arcade controller:

X-Arcade | Amiga
Left Joystick | Joystick 1
Left Button 1 (Left CTRL) | Joystick 1, Button 1 (fire)
Left Button 2 (Left Alt) | Joystick 1, Button 2
Left Button 3 (Space) | Joystick 1, Button 3
Left Button 4 (Left Shift) | Space
Left Button 5 (Z) |
Left Button 6 (X) |
Left Button 7 (C) | Quit Emulator
Left Button 8 (5) | Enter GUI
Right Joystick | Joystick 2
Right Button 1 (A) | Joystick 2, Button 1 (fire)
Right Button 2 (S) | Joystick 2, Button 2
Right Button 3 (Q) | Joystick 2, Button 3
Right Button 4 (W) | Previous Slot in Disk Swapper
Right Button 5 (E) | Next Slot in Disk Swapper
Right Button 6 ([) | Insert disk in current Disk Swapper slot in DF0:
Right Button 7 (]) | Numpad Enter
Right Button 8 (6) | Cursor down
Left Flipper Button (3) | Left Alt
Right Flipper Button (4) | Right Alt
1 Player Button (1) | F1
2 Player Button (2) | F2

Note that this setup allows the use of both Joysticks on the controller and the mouse on port 0 concurrently.

I use this setup with MameWAH where I don't want to resort to messing with the WinUAE GUI for swapping disks and quitting the emulator. One of the buttons is mapped to 'Enter GUI' for those cases where there is no other choice.
Most keys are mapped similarly to the X-Arcade mapping already built into WinUAE. The Flipper buttons are also mapped to the Alt keys of the Amiga, which should work with most Pinball games out there. For that purpose, one of the buttons is mapped to the 'Cursor Down' key of the Amiga.

8th February 2008, 05:37
Very nice. I and a few others here own the X-Arcade controller so this is very useful information. So far I've tended to just select the in-built support.

Demon Cleaner
8th February 2008, 05:54
I don't use the X-Arcade with WinUAE, only use it to play with MAME, PinMAME, Daphne,... Most Amiga games only need one button, so I use my Competition Pro, and that also gives me a more retro feeling.

15th May 2010, 01:40
I know this is a super old thread but I'm in need of some help!

I'm using an X-Arcade with winuae and my button config is very similar to what's outlined above.. the problem is I can't seem to get any of the 3 disk swapper buttons to work!

I have disks loaded into the disk swapper and DF0 enabled.
The previous/next disk swapper slot buttons don't seem to do anything at all.. how do I know which slot is selected?
Also the 'insert disk at current disk swapper slot' button seems to only EJECT the disk in DF0:.. it doesn't insert any disk in it's place..

I've tried asking at EAB but have gotten zero response.
Can anybody help me with this?