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8th February 2008, 04:09
I figured out how to set up MameWAH to work with WinUAE, and I thought I share the wealth.
Note, that you will need the latest version, v1.62b13a (note the 'a' at the end), of MameWAH in order for everything, including list generation, to work properly. You can get the latest version from the MameWAH forum at:
You will need an account to sign on and download the file.

Now, on to the setup:

Let's start with WinUAE. Create a separate configuration for each game, you wish be executable from within MameWAH. Put all of them into the 'Configurations' directory. If you have a lot of them, this could take a while. Simply create a default configuration that works for most of them and save it as 'default.uae'. It will load automatically each time WinUAE is launched. Then you will only have to change the disk image when creating a configuration for a new game. To get the best possible experience, the following settings are a important:

Set the display size to 800x600 and set to 'Full Screen'.
Set 'Resolution' to 'Hires' and 'Line Mode' to 'Double'.
Under 'Misc', uncheck 'Show GUI on startup'.
Set the Input setting according to your game controller (I'm using the X-Arcade Tankstick, I will post some settings for that in a later post).

Now you're ready to set up MameWAH. In the 'config' directory, create a new directory named 'uae'.
Inside the new 'uae' directory, create a new text file named 'uae.ini' with the following contents. Adjust the WinUAE path in this file according to your setup.

### uae.ini (mamewah v1.62) ###

emulator_title U.A.E.

### List Generation Settings ###
rom_path c:\WinUAE\Configurations
rom_extension uae
list_generation_method rom_folder

### Execution Settings ###
emulator_commandline c:\WinUAE\winuae.exe -f "[rompath]\[name].[romext]"

### Artwork Settings ###
artwork_image_paths c:\WinUAE\screenshots
movie_artwork_no 1
enable_fuzzy_search 0
history_dat_artwork_no 2

### Screen-Saver Settings ###
enable_music_in_screensaver 1
select_random_game 0
saver_type gamelist_slideshow
movie_fullscreen 1
quit_delay 0

### Additional Settings ###
description_display [description]{scroll}

### Settings used by MAMEWAH ###
current_list 0

Edit: If your configuration files have spaces, the string [rompath]\[name].[romext] should be enclosed in quotation marks.
Now, start MameWAH, select the Platform 'U.A.E.', go to 'Game List Options', and select 'Generate List'. Now you should have a list with all your games, and you should be ready to go.

8th February 2008, 05:36
Very nice little tutorial. I used to use MAMEWah with WinUAE a couple of years ago but haven't recently so need to set it up again. This should be useful. :)

Demon Cleaner
8th February 2008, 05:50
Nice tutorial. I only used MAMEWah once, but never tested it with WinUAE. I should give it a try.