View Full Version : What is the smallest and largest single HDs you own?

7th February 2008, 09:09
For me the smallest Harddrive I still own is the first harddrive I ever bought. A 330MB external Archos HD for the A1200. And it still works perfectly. I'm not sure what make the actual drive is though as I've never taken it apart to look.

And the largest single drives I currently own are 500GB Seagate's. Great drives at a great price.

I remember the first 10MB external drive units being launched for the Atari ST in the late 80's, costing over 1000 and wishing I could one day afford one. Then the Amiga A500 HD's with their 10-50MB capacity. Now you can build a top of the range cutting edge PC for less!

Now I'm waiting for solidstate HD technology to develop and hope that in a couple years time it will start to take over from current HD technology. It will be so nice to have large capacity HDs with no moving parts, making them silent, consume much less power and in theory more reliable.

7th February 2008, 09:17
For my Amiga my smallest HDD is a 60MB from when i first had it and my lagest is the 20GB that i bought on Ebay for 99p.

7th February 2008, 11:04
I have an 80mb hd which I got on ebay with an A1200 and some other bits.
My largest is 80gig.

The first one I bought new I still have.
Bought that for my A1200 not too long after the A1200 was released.
Thats is 210mb and I think I paid 235 pounds for it.

7th February 2008, 12:59

3.5" HDD's

Largest Seagate 400MB SATA2
Smallest 40mb Western Digital

2.5" HDD's

Largest 200GB IBM/Hitachi
Smallest 512mb IBM/Hitachi


Largest Quantum Bigfoot 5.25" 12GB
Smallest IBM 5.25 8MB - have two of these old puppies

and thats about it :D

7th February 2008, 13:32
2.5" HDD's
Largest 80GB (pc laptop) , 4GB (Amiga)
Smallest 200mb (Amiga)

3.5" HDD's
Largest 40GB (PC)
Smallest 256 mb IBM

In Work (bank)
we have 6 HDs of 500GB !!!! (PC)

and some more HDs for the IBM S390 .... (mainframe)
and some more backup tapes, last time i saw the numbers we have + 10.000 backup tapes of 8GB....(mainframe)

of course none of these is mine... :( but i can use them :)

7th February 2008, 13:46
Smallest: 120MB internal HDD that came with my Amiga 1200.

Largest: 500GB Western Digital external HDD.

I'm looking forward to what Solid State technology can offer, too. What's always bothered me about hard drives is the noise, heat production and the fact that you can't really trust them for long-term use.

7th February 2008, 14:06

3.5" HDD's
Largest Seagate 400MB SATA2
Smallest 40mb Western Digital2.5" HDD's
Largest 200GB IBM/Hitachi
Smallest 512mb IBM/HitachiOversized
Largest Quantum Bigfoot 5.25" 12MB
Smallest IBM 5.25 8MB - have two of these old puppies
and thats about it :D

12MB? That's small for a bigfoot drive!

I like the "Oversized" classification! :)

I've also got one of those huge Quantum Bigfoot 5.25" drives. When I ordered a pre-built machine in 1998 I was quite surprised to see such a huge drive filling one of the 5.25" drive bays up. Up to that point I had only seen 3.5" drives. It had a very large (for the time) 12GB though, which was massive. It took me quite some time to fill it up back then. These days I couldn't even fit my OS install on it. :lol:

And that Bigfoot drive still worked perfectly. Do those 5.25" drivers have any advantages over smaller units? Are they more reliable?

7th February 2008, 14:54

ooops.... it was ment to be 12GB LMAO.... i shall edit it now....

from what i remember the Bigfoot boasted better data-integrity for its dual spin speeds (well atleast the SCSI modules)

also i found them damn fast back in the day :)

7th February 2008, 16:14
The smallest HD I've owned was one on 80MB. I used this in my Amiga 1200 many years ago and I remember feeling that I had quite a lot of space available. ;) It was a nice HD and it served me well, but I needed something bigger after a while. Then went ahead and got a 3.5 on 1.2GB. Ran out of space again, and bought one on 6.7GB for the 1200. That was in 1998-99, and it had a huge storage capacity for that time.

The biggest HD is one of those I use now, and it's on 250GB. Guess I'll have to invest in a bigger one in the coming future. ;)

Stephen Coates
7th February 2008, 16:43
Smallest one is a 50MB Quantum SCSI for the A500+. Biggest is a 120GB Maxtor IDE drive in the PC.

burns flipper
15th March 2011, 11:57
I have an 80mb hard disk, neevr used, which I bought on Amibench 11 years ago. My plan was to get Shapeshifter working so I could play the Mac version of Broken Sword on my A1200T, but I never got around to it.

I have a 1TB drive which I got brand new for 50 off eBay last year, which I store the backup copies of all our photo's on (as well as dvdr's and online with adrive).

Amazing, 3 years since this thread started and I'm saying I bought a 1TB drive brand new for 50. Technology, eh?

15th March 2011, 16:16
HDD prices sure do keep dropping quickly. And now the 3TB drives are available, 2TB and smaller drives are really starting to drop.

The largest HDDs I've got are 2TB Samsung Spinpoint drives. Very quiet, and very fast. The eco green 5200RPM specs are quite misleading on them because their technology doesn't make them appear any slower that F1 7200 drives.

The smallest drive I've still got is actually smaller than I mentioned in the original post. 120MB 3.5" IDE drive that originally came with my A4000 when it was new. since I've had the A4000 it was replaced straight way with a 1.3GB drive and has sat in a box ever since not doing much. I actually had it back when we started this thread, but had forgotten all about it until I came across it recently.

I've since sold the Archos 330MB drive I originally mentioned. Sold to a collector in German for 60. :)

15th March 2011, 18:54
Looking back, the smallest Hard drive I had was my 40MB System 2000 for my Amiga A500 (I still have the photocopy of the hard drive defect criteria sheet - dated 08 November 1988, inspected by Miniscribe).

And the largest is the 1TB i have in the new computer system.

29th March 2011, 08:13
Still have my original 20mb 2.5" HDD that I bought second hand for my A1200. I could not believe what a change having one made! Had my whole OS, DPaint, Brilliance, Imagine, wordsworth, A couple of games and deliplayer installed. Everything powerpacked to make more room ;)

29th March 2011, 09:53
I also remember how amazed I was at the difference a HDD made to my A1200. I hadn't realised quite how much it would be before I owned one, but once I did there was no going back. The speed of booting into Workbench and loading software blew me away. And no more disk swapping or waiting minutes for something to load was great at the time.

Before the Amiga I had an Atari ST and looked at the HDs you could get for them. At the time they were huge boxed the size of a mega ST that sat under your monitor and provided 10MB or 20MB of storage space. They didn't make a whole lot of sense on the ST due to its very limited GEM desktop that could not really be customised, so I couldn't see the point. HDs on the ST make more sense now, with newer TOS and GEM versions being more customisable, and newer software taking advantage, plus the custom OSs on offer, but back in the day it wasn't so.

Stephen Coates
29th March 2011, 11:22
My biggest HD is now a 500GB SATA drive.

Smallest is still the 50MB Quantum drive for the A500. Even in 2006 when I got it (second hand), it was really nice to have everything running off one fast HD.

29th March 2011, 12:22
It is hard to imagine we once used computers without harddrives, with the need to load each program separately as we needed them. Productivity was really hampered badly before they became affordable, however the Amiga did combat this to some extent with its ability to multitasking allowing more than one program to be in memory and running side by side at the same time. Still highlights just how innovative it was.

4th April 2011, 01:16
My biggest is a 2TB samsung ecogreen which I was using for media streaming, but then I had to have the big PC switched on. So I bought a 1TB NAS, which is probably the neatest.

Smallest - the Revo only has a 160GB HDD but it's only going to have the OS and a few programs installed, with probably very little actual data.

Other than that... a 20GB ipod or my wife's 5GB Zen mini.