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12th January 2007, 15:21
I really like the arcade section of the site! Finally I'll have something to do at work when I'm bored (which is about 80% of the time). Guess I've got to polish up on my ultra old school gaming skills. Just curious, are you taking requests for games to be added?

12th January 2007, 18:38
I will be adding all of the games currently on the main site (107) into the forum arcade too, so have a look at the main site's arcade for an idea of what is to come.

You may ask why we now have an arcade on both the main site and the forum, and it would be a good point. I created the main site's forum when the site launched and before I could add one to the forum. But the forum one is better as it has more features so I had to install it. :) I will probably just keep both running for the moment too.

If you also have some more game suggestions then please post them.

21st January 2007, 06:23
I have a game suggestion, does anyone remember the game Deluxe Galaga? I'm pretty sure everyone does, well I think that is the best space invaders spin off....not sure if a decent version of that exists.

21st January 2007, 09:52
You do know about Warblade (http://www.warblade.as)? The PC update of Deluxe Galaga, made by the same guy?

He also recently released a PC version of his Deluxe Pacman (http://www.warblade.as/pocmon/) game too. Haven't tried it yet but it looks pretty cool.

21st January 2007, 11:08
Yeah, Warblade is a great game. I find it much more enjoyable to play than Deluxe Galaga, even if that was a good game too. Warblade has much better graphics, lots of more options, and quite a bit of secrets and bonuses. It takes a while to find all the secrets, still haven't managed that myself. Another good thing about Warblade is the built-in account system. You just set up an account for yourself inside the game, and then you can save games. Usually a game of Warblade can take hours and hours. Before the save game function was implemented, one just had to retire from the game, which seemed like a waste. Now you can easily save and just return later on to finish the game.

It is a great game worth trying out. :)

21st January 2007, 22:25
Warblade is a great game. I've not played it in a long time though so will have to fire it up again sometime. :)

As for a Galaga clone for the arcade, I have been looking, but not found a true clone of it yet. There are a few good shoot 'em ups that I already have in the main site arcade that will be coming over to the forum arcade. I also have a large collection of games for the arcade that I'm slowly going through and will be adding the best ones I find.

21st January 2007, 22:29
If you are going to try Warblade again, I recommend you try the newest version. It has a lot of improvements over the old one. Many bugs has been removed, it has a save game option and so on. :) Would be nice to organize a Warblade competition once. That compo could either be for a normal game or for what is called "Time Trial". In "Time Trial" mode you have like 3 minutes to get as many points as possible. Therefore it would probably be suitable for a compo. An ordinary game of Warblade can take a bit of time to say the least.

Looking forward to see the new games in the arcade. I'm totally addicted to the TV Game Show thing right now though. That's an excellent title.

21st January 2007, 22:38
The Time Trial mode definitely does sound perfect for a future competition.

And TV Game Show is a great twist on the word search game idea.

21st January 2007, 22:42
It sure is. I was quite happy to get a record in it as well with over 30.000 points. Thought it would last for a while, but that Rayzorblue just kicked my hairy butt! :( He got over 60.000, which is totally crazy! Seems like I have some training to do now. ;)

21st January 2007, 22:50
:lol: he he

21st January 2007, 23:01
Just tried it again, and I can't beat him. Always mess up when that grinning guy in the game asks the bonus questions about actors and TV-shows I've never heard about. ;) At least, that is my excuse for my futile attempts to top Rayzorblue's score. Think I will have to pick up a TV-guide to get up-to-date on the questions!

Anyway, great, great game. Both fun and entertaining. :)

22nd January 2007, 09:13
I really should check some of these out. I want the icons under my name, dammit.


3rd February 2007, 22:00
I get so close and then fail.....

4th February 2007, 10:00
I've almost given up now, but just have to try a few more times. Rayzorblue ain't gonna have the high-score forever! ;)

4th February 2007, 13:07
I know, as I will beat it! :p

13th April 2007, 15:18
A lot of new games have been added to the arcade today. In total there are now 60 games to play. :) I will also be adding many more games very soon.

25th April 2007, 10:36
Commando Bot is strange, I don't understand how it works....I keep dying in 10 secs