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29th January 2008, 15:04
The Fallout 2 Restoration Project has finally been released. For those of you who aren't familiar with this expansion, here's some text copied from Gaming Today (http://news.filefront.com/fallout-2-restoration-project/):

Thereís a lot of excitement over at the No Mutants Allowed forums. Kilap has finally announced the completion of the Fallout 2 restoration project and the release of the unofficial FO2 expansion.

With a few of his fellow modders, he has worked tirelessly to add back in all the content the developers originally intended for the game. There are six entirely new areas and many established sites have new areas as well. Town content has been expanded to include new NPCs, quests and items.

Kilap promises a new experience in playing an old favorite. Another expansion is still to come to add back in the Shi submarine as well

Fallout is a game series that has gathered a fanatical following over the years. There is much controversy over Bethesda creating a slightly sanitized version of Fallout 3, and much anticipation over the possibilities raised by an Interplay Fallout MMO. No Mutants Allowed has been following a Mod team working on their own version of Fallout 3, and although Iím curious as to what they come up with, Iím sure the IP infringement will come into play eventually. All this is great news for Fallout fans. The more choices the better. Bring it on.

You can download this neat piece of software from: NMA Forum (http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/dload.php?action=file&file_id=1097)

Having played Fallout 2 a lot over the years, I can't wait to give this a try. :thumbs:

Demon Cleaner
29th January 2008, 15:06
I still haven't played the series, I'm so ashamed. I want to play them, but I have so much to play yet, so that they're not the first ones I'll play when I get to it.

29th January 2008, 15:13
Hehe.. I remember you talking about playing the Fallout games a while back. :) Hopefully you'll get the time in the near future. You won't regret it! ;)