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29th January 2008, 09:35
Hi, Began computering with an Amiga 500 which we expanded to a 1000!! Used to play a multi-level game which involved little computer disk graphics which was very addictive. Can anyone give me a clue to its name, or know whether it's available as a Download? Thanks folks. Can contact direct at charlesj@slingshot.co.nz

Demon Cleaner
29th January 2008, 15:34
Welcome to the board first. Can you provide a bit more information about the game?

29th January 2008, 15:38
Hi there Carlos62 and welcome to the forum! Hope you'll manage to track down that game you are looking for. If you've got some more info, that would be great.

29th January 2008, 16:10
What genre was it?

29th January 2008, 21:17
Welcome to the forum carlos. Look out as Submeg's coming ot NZ in next couple of days. IS it a platformer?

29th January 2008, 22:32
The only game with many levels and computery graphics I can think of at the moment is Supaplex, a Boulderdash clone. It was mostly popular on DOS machines back in the day, but there was an Amiga release also.

Graham Humphrey
29th January 2008, 22:52
Chip's Challenge, perhaps...?

30th January 2008, 11:22
Supaplex was quite good, it's what I thought of when I read the first post:


Never played Chip's Challenge but heard good things about it.