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Stephen Coates
27th January 2008, 20:28
Has anyone here used OctaMED before?

I downloaded OctaMED soundstudio the other day and ran it in WinUAE. Do the older versions of WinUAE (i.e. the ones with the old prefs editor) have issues with sound? It didn't really seem to be able to keep up with OctaMED, however one of the newer versions seemed fine.

I loaded up a few MOD files which I got off the OctaMED site and I am begining to get an idea of how it works, but there's still alot of playing to do with it. I also could do with looking though all the help files and reading some guides for it.

27th January 2008, 20:42
@Stephen Coates

helo there, indeedy I do still use Octamed, even on the PC, i have MedSS, another great tracker to use is Mod Plug tracker do a google for that :D well worth it :D

I always have issues with WinUAE and sounds, it stalls or stutters, and or becomes totally un responsive (and this is on a Barton 3200), but on my 060 its sublime :D

I found Octamed Sound Studio, is my favourite, and will load 99% of other Mod types. I did find the best way to learn features in OSS was to review other mods or works that you liked, look at the commands used and try to implement them in your own work :D

28th January 2008, 12:28
A friend of mine used to use OSS all the time and used to take his A1200 to gigs and perform with it on stage. Unfortunatly he's gone the way of most musicains and uses a PC instead. Don't know what software he uses now.

28th January 2008, 14:55
I used to play around with OctaMED a bit on the Amiga. But not being that musically minded I always tended to load up existing songs and play around with them, rather than trying to compose my own songs.

It is a great sound tracker though.

I've used CuBase more as I used to have that on the ST, and then had to use it a lot at university when we were studying audio integration into computer multimedia.

If you want to get into making music on your Amiga Steve I would highly recommend you get hold of a cheap midi keyboard and some of the midi software for the Amiga. The later versions of OctaMED have MIDI support built in so you could get much more from the program with a supporting keyboard. Or there is are others such as Bars and Pipes.

29th January 2008, 19:23
I've dabbled a bit with OctaMED back in the day, but always preferred ProTracker for playback and minor experimentation. I'm about as musically talented as the average brick, but then, dance music isn't very hard to make.

Graham Humphrey
29th January 2008, 22:12
Dance music is also about as fun to listen to as the average brick ;)

30th January 2008, 01:21
Octamed on the amiga was a great tracker in its day but its time to upgrade mate,being an old octamed usser since the a500 through to the a1200 and a couple of rave tunes released back in 1992 i now use octamed sound studio on pc.
my advice is play with med on amiga and when you feel comftable with it move ut to the pc version.

@ zetro
do you have any problems with med ss on pc crash wise, im a registered v15 user and only get about 1 hour before crash back to windows, tried emailing rbf but had no luck
just wondering if anyone else had any probs.

30th January 2008, 06:07

indeed, Octamed SS on the PC can be unstable. i save often... sometimes it will go a whole session without crashing, other times maybe 10 minutes lol... on the latter i figure those days are not the best for music production LOL....

I also use ModPlug Tracker, (MPT) its a great tracker and free, can handle 90% of known tracker formats (even some i never heard of lol) and is a great companion to MedSS.

I joined the RBF-MesSS mailing lists, and there will be a new version soon... mind you he has been saying that for the past year LOL...

but yes... if you havent already give Mod Plug tracker a go! tis great :D

30th January 2008, 15:51
@ zetro
thats good to here thats its not just me, have used modplug but dont really like it that much, currebtly using skale tracker, great ft2 clone but not been updated in a looooong time :wall:.

30th January 2008, 17:13
i will have to look into Skale tracker :D

cheers :D