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23rd January 2008, 14:49
If you could go back to any year during the Amiga's life, which year would it be?

1985 with the unveiling of Lorraine? Andy Warhol and Debrah Harry at the official launch of the A1000?

Or maybe slightly later with the launch of the A2000 or A500?

Or how about 1991, experiencing the height of the Amiga's gaming domination?

And what about 1992 and the launch of the A1200?

What year would you pick? and why?

23rd January 2008, 15:37
if i return in time to live in that times (with my actual age), i would choose
1987... the year of A500.
i would see all again but with a little more age... i was 11 and i was to young to understand what was going on. If i would go back in time, it would be great to learn Amiga once again, but with more dedication. I would try Amiga C

23rd January 2008, 19:42
I'd probably want to re-experience the day the Amiga was first unveiled. It'd be fun to see people's reactions at suddenly having this revolutionary piece of hardware at their fingertips.

24th January 2008, 05:57
hmmm for me.....

1993..... A1200... Hard drives.... some of the best games released.... it was good tohave a miggy!

Graham Humphrey
24th January 2008, 08:33
I agree with Zetr0, I'd pick 1993 too, not long before it all went pear-shaped of course ;)

24th January 2008, 09:12
1985 and at the press conference tell the team to concentrate on serious software and the games will come of their own accord. Purly in a bid to stop M$ bid for world domination.