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22nd January 2008, 14:51
Just found out that there has been a new Freespace 2 game based on the Babylon 5 universe based around B4. Shadows, Vorlons, Minbari. 'Nuff Said. Download from here (http://fstbp.mhprj.com/minbari_project.exe).

22nd January 2008, 15:07
Wow! Very nice find. I will have to try this out for sure.

For anyone interested, there are some screenshots and more information on the Minbari Project Forum pages here (http://fstbp.mhprj.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=ac45f0b6ea79aef5a2ac40010bc6ee46&board=4.0).

22nd January 2008, 15:16
I was just trying to check if TBP had anymore updates for mission packs but the Heat'em up site appears to be down. I was waiting for the Earth Minbari War. Shame.

22nd January 2008, 15:23
The thing that amazes me with Freespace 2 is that although the game is what 10 years old now? (I think if was released in 1998) It never actually looks that dated. OK the ship models are not on par with current cutting edge game graphics, but it still doesn't show its age.

22nd January 2008, 15:31
If you look at some of what they are doing with Beyond the Red Line it looks even better.

22nd January 2008, 15:37
Yes, I've been keeping an eye on that great project. It puts many more recent space games to shame.

For anyone who hasn't seen the Battlestar Galactica game yet have a look at the great Teaser trailer found here (http://www.stage6.com/user/Omniscaper/video/2049272/BtRL-Teaser-trailer-1).

22nd January 2008, 15:43
Goes to show that you don't have to spend millions and hire lots of programmers to produce a top quality game. It may take a while for it to be released fully but it will no doubt show up major games companies.

22nd January 2008, 15:52
Biggest it might show up is the company who are making the official game!

1st March 2008, 11:13
Babylon 5 Heat Em Up is back online and can be found here. (http://www.heatemup.co.uk/index.htm) It looks like the Earth Minbari war project has gone but there are plenty more on going.

3rd March 2008, 13:46
Regarding BSG, have you read the reviews of the official game that has just been released? It has received really bad reviews with magazines scoring it in the low 30% and even 20% range. With the sound effect of gun fire described by PC Gamer as "hitting a plastic bucket with a wooden spoon". Oh dear! Best avoid that one and play Beyond the Red Line instead!

3rd March 2008, 22:39
For anyone looking to obtain the Babylon 5 Base 3 files the official site downloads have been down for some time, but I found them here. (http://www.nukelol.com/downloads/freespacefiles/conversions/bp/) Enjoy.

4th March 2008, 11:44
To download the latest 3.4b files click here. (http://tbp.freespacemods.net/TBP_v3.4b.exe) Be warned it's a 700MB file so be prepared for a long download. It's a complete stand alone package so you don't need freespace 2 top run it.

4th March 2008, 12:02
786MB to be exact. Cheers for the link. I couldn't find any links to that version anywhere. Why is it currently so hard to locate any? Even the official site's links are all dead.

4th March 2008, 12:26
From what i can tell from the forum (which is where i got the link) the other DL links were on pay for sites and the creator didn't pay for them. As for the main site it looks like as the "final" release has been done (even though it's in another beta stage again) work on the site has stopped. What i'll have to do is find all the links and put them in one post.

18% DL with 3hours 6 mins to go. wish i was on Dial UP as si'd have something to do for the next couple of months.

4th March 2008, 12:36
Are you on a slow connection? I've been downloading it too and total time for download should be just under 1 hour, and my connection isn't exactly the fastest in the world currently downloading it at about 170KB/sec.

4th March 2008, 12:58
I've got a 8GB connection and it's going at 57.7kbps which is pathetic. I'll have to try optimising the connection again.

4th March 2008, 15:05
I gave this latest version a quick try just now and it runs perfectly. :) The only slight issue is that the sound is a bit crackly. Any ideas how that could be fixed?

The older 3.3a version refused to run properly on my system, but with 3.4 I can instantly see it's been polished up and runs much better. The only thing to mention is that on install the installer may appear to have crashed right at the end. For it a popup announcing a driver install had popped up behind the installer window so couldn't be seen. Once that was acknowledged the installation finished. And equally when the game launches it tries to access the internet so be ready to answer any firewall popups or the game will appear to freeze until you do.

4th March 2008, 15:47
All i can suggest is checking the 3.4b feedback forum here (http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php/topic,51779) to find resolutions to any problems. The slow install is a known issue. There is a debate as to wether the sound problem is due to installing over an old version or just a Freespace2 bug a BtRL seems to have a similar fault at times.

After trawling through the forum it looks like Final release will be in Easter.

4th March 2008, 16:19
It's definitely not due to older builds or FS2 being installed as none were on this system before this version. I'm going to try running it with Hardware audio selected rather than the recommend software sound drivers that get installed with it.

I'm also now downloading the current BSG: Beyond the Red Line patch to see what is updated. Looking forward to this and can't wait for this to be completed. Have you seen that BtRL won the 2007 Mod of the year award?

4th March 2008, 17:26
And it deserves it. Besides if the official game is getting such crap scores then it's hardly surprising BtRL gets the awards.

Just loaded up TBP for the first time in ages and seen the intro again. To think that 14 years ago graphics of a poorer quality were being done an Video Toasters and A4000's and were state of the art and now you can get better graphics in a computer game.

4th March 2008, 18:39
I remember saying years ago to a friend that in a few years we would be playing games with graphics better than the pre-rendered cut scenes, and now here we are! It is great that most games these days don't need to rely on pre-rendered cut scenes at all and can instead just use the games engine for them.

BTW, back to the FS2 engine, have you also seen the Wing Commander Saga mod? Found at http://www.wcsaga.com/ A complete remake of the Wing Commander universe. I'm now downloading that too to take a look.

4th March 2008, 18:47
At this rate i'm going to have to buy a new HDD just for FS2 mods. I think we're going to have to create a thread with links to all the FS2 mods. Although looking at all the people who've shown interest in TBP and TMP posts i think we'd be the only ones interested.;)

4th March 2008, 19:20
I just found something else that also looks really cool. This time it is a Battlestar Galactica mod for Homeword 2, called Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander, and it can be found here. (http://www.moddb.com/mods/6951/battlestar-galactica-fleet-commander/news/26642/announcing-the-release-of-bsg-fleet-commander-version-v037) This looks really good.

It's amazing that the mod community can create two quality games based on the new BSG series, one a great first person space combat simulation, and the other a space based RTS, and yet the commercial developers can just come up with a complete pile of crap as the official game. Mad. I'm wondering if they couldn't get any developers to work on the official game because they were all too busy working on the free ones! ;)

4th March 2008, 19:57
It wouldn't surprise me if the developers read the reviews and just rip off the free stuff (even though BtRL isn't finished yet).

Just found a B5 homeworld page here. (http://homeworld.firstones.com/news.shtml)

4th March 2008, 20:02
At this rate we won't need to ever buy a new game again! :lol:

And who ever said there was a shortage of space based games?

4th March 2008, 20:16
I've found a Robotech mod for FS2, I can't find any form of Space: Above and Beyond game (thank god) and i'm wondering if someone ever did a Ulysses 31 game? And now everyone sing the theme.....

Ulysses, Ulysses, soaring through all the galaxies, in search of Earth, flying in to the night.
Ulysses, Ulysses, fighting evil and tyranny, with all his power, and with all of his might.

Ulysses, no-one else can do the things you do.
Ulysses, like a bolt of thunder from the blue.
Ulysses, always fighting all the evil forces bringing peace and justice to all.
It's me Nono small robot you know, friend of Ulysses.
It's me Nono small robot you know, friend of Ulysses.

5th March 2008, 11:59
Thanks to DrTCP I've managed to boost my speed again. Still not the 8megs i'm supposed to have but significantly better.

5th March 2008, 12:37
What does DrTCP do? I had a quick look on Google and it just mentions setting MTU and RWIN settings, but these are already set specifically for my ISP on my router. So what do you gain using it over the correct settings on the router?

5th March 2008, 13:04
All it does is give you easy access to sytem controls, some of which may have been altered by other programmes like your TCP Receive settings. Now that i've altered that my internet is faster. There must be some other way within windoze to alter the settings but DrTCP just makes it easier. Beside before for some reason i was operating at 3Mps and now it's over 6 more if i disable protection so something must have buggered my settings in the past.

5th March 2008, 13:38
Hmm... strange. For me I get the same speed as my router reports the line upload and download links as being.

5th March 2008, 13:52
I checked my speed using this page (http://speedcheck.ispconnect.co.uk/) now obviosly the speed changes if you have any p2p programmes or firewalls but it does give you a good idea. Normally i wouldn't trust such sites but as it's not trying to sell me anything then i think it gives me a good idea as to speed. As for what the router says and reality, they are unfortunatly two different things and i don't know any other way of changing them.

5th March 2008, 14:24
I just tried that speed check you linked to and it stated that my connection will allow me to download at 508.53KB/sec, but in reality my line will only support 270KB/sec and I know that is a fact. So not sure where it got the 3.97 Mbps info it is displaying from.

I've found quite an accurate speed tester is http://www.speedtest.net/ based on my own speed tests compared to it's reports.

5th March 2008, 14:50
according to speed test my download can be either 2776kb/s or 5614kb/s which obviously is due to traffic but as my hub reports 8124kb/s at all times i tend to ignore that. besides i run two AV programmes which does slow down things a little but the way i see it is If i didn't want to get the GF pregnant then i have a choice of the pill, condoms or both and both works best. Either way back on topic. TMP downloads are down but it looks like a new version will be released soon.

5th March 2008, 22:31
Just found a vid (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOzSeSAW0DU) of Capital Ships battling for BtRL. Boy does it look good.

5th March 2008, 22:42
Oh yeah, that video is good. If you go to the official BtRL site they have higher quality videos of that and other sequences. They look really good and I can't wait for the final version to be releases. Should be brilliant.

5th March 2008, 22:51
The problem is as BtRL is a fan product and the series is still going on it'll not be finished for a looooooooonngggg time. I've noticed this with a lot of fan stuff. They cannot stop tinkering until it is perfect and being as life isn't perfect these things are never finished. TBP is finished only in the sense that the game engine is finished and only then because the main guy seems to have gotten sick of it ruling his life but there are still people out there who are trying to add a mod to include all 5 seasons and their battles. Then they'll go onto Crusade and then onto Lost Tales. And then probably someone will go back and update the engine and it'll start all over again.
Still it'll be nice to have a full campain with BtRL and kick some Cylon butt.

21st March 2008, 12:52

Just found out that there has been a new Freespace 2 game based on the Babylon 5 universe based around B4. Shadows, Vorlons, Minbari.

The B4: Minbari Project update has been released. Information and download are available here (http://openspace.mhprj.com/index.php?topic=75.0).

Some screenshots (http://openspace.mhprj.com/index.php?topic=65.0).

21st March 2008, 13:07
Thank you for the info and links Asprin. And welcome to classicamiga.

21st March 2008, 13:34
Thanks for the Heads Up but mast of all thanks for all your work on the game. BTW do you have anything to do with TBP and the Heat em Up site?

22nd March 2008, 14:02
TBP final final release is immenent. They are just looking for someone to host the file.

28th March 2008, 09:52
The TBP 3.4a final Release candidate can be downloaded from here. (http://tbp.freespacemods.net/TheBabylonProject_v3_4b.exe)

28th March 2008, 10:23
Great. Downloading now. :)

17th April 2008, 11:38
TBP final release candidate2 can be D/L from here. (http://tbp.freespacemods.net/TheBabylonProject_v3_4b.exe) This may be the final final release candidate before the final release. Finally.

17th April 2008, 11:40
Well, I am finally glad that that has finally been finally finalised. Finally!

17th April 2008, 11:47

17th April 2008, 17:53
Is that a maybe maybe? Or a finally maybe? Or a maybe finally, maybe? or a finally maybe, finally?

17th April 2008, 20:21
You missed out definitely maybe and maybe baby.

2nd July 2008, 13:22

The last patch (we've already started voice recording for the new version) for the B4: Minbari Project v.1.1. is available for download here: http://proxima-fleet.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=18


- Screen Refresh Rate in OGL mode added
- Profile crash problem is fixed
- Major updates in AI code
- Cutscenes problem is FULLY fixed
- Some fixes in "RED ALERT" logic
- Major updates in "SHIP-SHIP" collisions
- Some fixes in campaign logic
- Some minor bugs fixed

2nd July 2008, 13:38
Thanks for the info.

2nd July 2008, 14:24
Great news. And it is also great to see so much work still going into this project. I can't wait for the voice recording version to be completed. That should be very nice.

10th September 2008, 09:51
A link to the Babylon Project DVD which includes the final revision plus several campaigns and other B5 stuff can be found here. (http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=56246.0)

10th September 2008, 11:04
1.8GB? That is quite big. What is included over just the main final release of the game?

10th September 2008, 11:16

The Babylon Project v3.4b Core (FINAL) - Everything you need to get started playing and building your own missions and campaigns. Includes two campaigns, the Earth-Minbari War Demo and Raider Wars.

The Babylon Project User-Made Campaign Pack v2.0 - Contains 15 additional excellent User-Made Campaigns and Mission Sets as well as Multiplayer Mission Updates. All are the latest versions at the time of release.

Advanced installer for TBP v3.4b Final and Campaign Pack v2.0. The Advanced Installer features full installation customizing and maintance options and well as theme music and slide show during install.

Highly Customized DVD Menu with full motion Intro Video, interactive ReadMe and Extras Menus with authentic B5 Music, Sounds and TBP Graphics. Also includes links to Babylon 5 and TBP related websites.

Printable Custom TBP DVD Label Art for the Disc and your choice of DVD or Jewel case layouts. Includes Generic JPG Images and Nero Cover Designer Templates.

TBP Movie Collection - Five TBP Related Videos and Teasers.

FreeSpace Development Extraction Tools. Useful tools the would-be modders.

DirectX 9.0c and OpenAL is included.

Additional Microsoft Voices - Mary, Mike and the hard to find Anna (the best one).

Gaming Hardware profiles for Saitek X52 HOTAS Joystick and Game Commander 2 Voice Command Software.

PLUS Bonus Desktop Items to pimp out you PC desktop in true Babylon 5 Style!
Mostly the extra campaigns but also the extra dross.

10th September 2008, 11:24
I bet those videos take up a big chunk of the download. I will still download it though.

10th September 2008, 11:29
I think the videos are usually 40 - 70 MB each so they're not too bad.

The Babylon Project Campaign Pack has 15 included Campaigns and Mission Sets:

Achen Flight School................................by Vidmaster
Dark Children.....................................by Vidmaster
Earth Alliance Training............................by madaboutgames
Earth Brakiri War..................................by madaboutgames
Fortune Hunters - 2259............................by Vidmaster
Fortune Hunters - 2260............................by Vidmaster
Infestation........................................by madaboutgames
Operations.........................................by Vidmaster
Survivor...........................................by madaboutgames
Drums of War: Part 1...............................by 0rph3u5
Drums of War: Part 2...............................by 0rph3u5
The Black Hand: Episode 1..........................by 0rph3u5
Awakening the Beast Demo...........................by 0rph3u5
Star Fury Pilot Single Missions....................by madaboutgames
Misc Single Missions...............................by Various Authors

The main benefit of D/ling this is to have a hard copy and everything all together in one place.

10th September 2008, 12:00
Very true. Normally with these packages you end up with loads of stuff all over the place.

27th September 2008, 03:00

A little info for you guys. Because of conflict between our OSS team and TBP last leader, some time ago our team had to stop works on Babylon 5: Reconversion and Babylon 4: Minbari Project - unfortunatelly, nobody from current TBP team did not listen to our point of view about those conflict. However, things are not so bad:

First. Both of this storylines will be presented and continued in our newest Babylon 5: The Geometry of Shadows (B5:TGoS) project. This one is based on FS2OpenOSE engine and has no ANY TBP resources - all new!

Second. B5:TGoS is interim project before release of our newest game engine, which is not based on FS2Open.

Third. A group of Minbari Project fans has created the OSS Initiative Group rescently. Those guys are going to support our last projects - B4:MP and B5:Reconversion, the group is independent from our team. Their forums are here: http://ossgroup.prophpbb.com/

Summary. OpenSpace Softworks is not support B4:MP and B5:Reconversion but works on the new project - B5:TGoS. If anyone is interested in our old projects visit OSS Initiative Group forums.

I'll keep you informed about further events.

27th September 2008, 08:12
Thanks for the heads up Asprin.

20th October 2008, 12:06
Okay, looks like OSS I.G. has finished their beta-test on Babylon 5: Reconversion.

Download link here: http://ossgroup.prophpbb.com/topic8.html

20th October 2008, 23:34
Thanks for the update Asprin. That looks really nice from the screenshots. I will definitely have to try it out when I get time. :)

Here are a couple of the screenshots to wet everyone's appetite.





21st October 2008, 09:19
Looking pretty good to me.

23rd October 2008, 10:40
I think ah just gone done pee'd ma pants agin!

18th March 2009, 12:26

Since last release of the project, many things have been changed, updated and rebuilt or built from the scratch. Now let us introduce the new Babylon 4: Minbari Project (the republication with fully new story and content). We'll not declare final date of release but current progress is allow us to publish some screenshots and trailer.

1. Link for the trailer: http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/mproj.avi
640x480, 48Mb, Xvid MPEG4 video codec 1.2.1

2. Actual game screenshots (click image for the full screen mode):

http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/1m.JPG (http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/1.JPG) http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/2m.JPG (http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/2.JPG) http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/3m.JPG (http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/3.JPG)
http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/4m.JPG (http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/4.JPG) http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/5m.JPG (http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/5.JPG) http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/6m.JPG (http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/6.JPG)
http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/7m.JPG (http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/7.JPG) http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/8m.JPG (http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/8.JPG) http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/9m.JPG (http://oldforum.oss.nov.ru/ojj/scn/9.JPG)

Future projects' status. As many of you know, the story line of early presented Babylon 5: The Geometry of Shadows was too close to some real life events. This fact has been corrected and i believe that guys from our B5:TGoS section will present their new trailers, screenshots and some details of the new story line as soon as possible. Beyond of this, we've launched a new project - the XCOM Interceptor conversion, unfortunatelly, this project is on beginning stage of WIP and we can't present you any materials yet.

18th March 2009, 12:28
That is looking great from the screenshots.

Do you have any details of the actual changes to this new reworked version, and can you give us a rough date of release?

18th March 2009, 12:42
details of the actual changes
One of the most notable changes - the project is now free from TBP content at all - only new materials. Beyond of this, there are many new visual effects and simulation things. And of course the new story line: operation Unity has three campaigns with the progressive skill level.

and can you give us a rough date of release?
Unfortunatelly no, because we have a voice acting and crash test "in front of us". This is most hard work, even harder than game engine's coding. But i will keep you informed.

16th October 2010, 09:09
Okay, the time is right! Here it is B5:TGoS - Minbari Project release. Before proceed to download, please read the F.A.Q. and our recomendations.

Here - http://www.hard-light.net/forums/index.php?topic=72088.0