View Full Version : Getting screwed by STEAM

22nd January 2008, 11:01
Hello all,

A rather interesting story that just happened to me. A while ago I bought a game for a friend of mine for Christmas "Shadowgrounds Survivor".
Unfortunate he didn't like it very much as he didn't want to have Steam on his machine so he sent the game to me.

I decided to give the game a try but during the installation I got to hear that I couldn't install it because the CD-Key was already in use (my friend's attempt to install it), so I contacted the technical service to ask if they could reset the key for me.

Well to cut it short, in case games are resold the people of Steam will not reset the CD Keys making these games effectively useless.
In the past I never had any problems with Steam but now I am seriously going to reconsider how much I want to work with this program in the future.

What I hate even more is that this is the direction publishers want to go with all their releases.

22nd January 2008, 11:11
Just crack the game Ghost. Then you won't have to worry about Steam.

I've yet to try Shadowgrounds Survivor, but have been looking forward to playing it as I loved the first Shadowgrounds. A great updated homage to the Amiga's Alien Breed games. :)