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9th January 2008, 15:24
Welcome to the classicamiga Top 100 games of all time project.

The aim of this project is to create a definitive Top 100 list of Amiga games that once complete will be featured on the main site.

All classicamiga members are encouraged to take an active role in creating this list.

This Top 100 is exclusive to classicamiga and is based completely on our members own personal likes and dislikes for all games released on the Amiga, and will not be influenced by external sources such as existing top 100 lists in magazines or on other sites. There is no right or wrong choice in the games you each pick. All will be considered.

How are we going to create this classicamiga Top 100 games list?

We want this project to be a community based one, to give all active members the opportunity to take part and nominate their own choice of games to be considered and included in this top 100.

Therefore we will be creating this list over a number of stages. We do not have a set time limit for the creation of this project, or for how long each stage will stay open. We will instead move on to each new stage once we have received enough input from members.

Stage One: Nominations

Before anything we need to form a rough list of games that we all consider worthy of inclusion within this top 100 list. Therefore we ask that all members post a list of up to 100 games that they think should be included. It doesn't matter what your personal selection of games are as long as they were released on the Amiga. As long as you personally think it deserves to be there nominate it!

To nominate your list of games for the Top 100 please visit the Nominated Games thread (http://forum.classicamiga.com/showthread.php?t=1717), read the rules outlined in the first post of that thread, and then post your list of games for nomination. You are only allowed to make one post in the nominations thread, but you are allowed to edit and amend your list after you have posted it, so don't worry about including all the games you want when you initially post your lists as you can change them and alter your mind later.

Only once we move on to stage 2 will the nominations thread be closed and no further amendments will be allowed to your posted lists.

Stage Two: Merging and reducing the nominated games.

Once we have received enough games nominations from members we will then move on to the second stage. All nominated games will be merged into a single list of games ready to be considered and reduced.

Games that receive more than one nomination will instantly be placed higher up the final nominated games list and will be more likely to secure a place for the next stage.

Once we have this list, which may be much longer than 100 games, they will be placed in order depending on the number of times they were each nominated. This master list will then be cut down to a manageable number of nominated games of about 300 final games.

Once this final games list has been created a survey will be launched outside of classicamiga, using survey.classicemu.com for everyone in the Amiga community to take part and to help form the final Top 100 Amiga games of all time. Each person taking part in the survey will be asked to submit their personal Top 10 games from this list. Once everyone has voted this will determine the final 100 games in the top 100.

Stage Three: The order of the games

Once the voting has concluded for Stage 2 we should hopefully have our final 100 games. The only thing left to do then is determine their order. To achieve this the games in each persons Top 10 they submitted will be awarded points, with 10 points for the game first in their list, going down to 1 point for the game in 10th. These points will then be awarded to each game to determine the final order that the games should be placed. The final Top 100 games list will then be defined by the overall combined points order awarded to each game.

Final Stage: The Top 100

Once voting is concluded for stage 2, and the points calculated and added up in stage 3, we will have our final top 100 games, in the final order, as voted for by the whole Amiga community.

A new site will then be created, in association with classicamiga, to present the final Top 100 in a 100 to 1 countdown order, including screenshots, boxart and some information and comments about each game.

All communities who took part in the creation of the list will be given mention in the lists credits.

Important: Discussing the creation of the Top 100, and each stage as we work on it.

Please do not post comments in the actual stage threads. A special Top 100 discussions thread has been created for everyone to do this. If you do post comments in the "stage" threads then these will be moved to the discussions thread.

Please use the discussions thread to chat about the nominated games, and to discuss why you think certain games should, or shouldn't be included.