View Full Version : Hardware pricing continue to tumble

4th January 2008, 01:18
Some in the computer industry were spouting off at towards the end of last year, saying that we were in for a bad time and that computer ram prices were set to shoot up. Well I can't see any evidence of this.

Today I got an email with some ram prices and 2GB of Samsumg PC6400 DDR2 800 ram is 32.31. Now that is cheap! I remember paying twice that in 2006 for PC3200 DDR ram.

And it also looks like Blu0Ray Writers are also starting to drop in price. You can now get the LF FFW-H20L Blu-Ray Writer for 176.24 and best of all is that this is a multi format drive, so it can read both BR and HD-DVD disks, in addition to writing to BR and all DVD and CD media. Quite a nice drive and possibly actually worth the price.

And monitor prices are also continuing to drop. You can now get a decent 19" LCD for just over 120, and 22" to 24" panels are now below the 300 mark.

It's getting ever more tempting to build a new super computer! :lol: