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16th December 2006, 22:23
Site Content

The main site's Demo Section is the result of a lot of work carried out by the Classicamiga staff during the past months. A lot of productions have been uploaded during this time. Every demo, intro or diskmagazine includes information concerning everything from the date of the release to the general credits.

Unfortunately we might have made some mistakes here and there, or there may be some information missing. If you know some information we are missing, or have spotted something that doesn't make sense or is utterly wrong, please feel free to share your findings with us. We thank you in advance for your help in making our database of productions as reliable and accurate as possible.

As a last note, we would like to point out that this part of the forum should only be used for the purposes listed above. For discussing other subjects related to the Demo Scene, please check out the other demo sections.