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2nd January 2008, 19:26
Hello all,

I know this isn't really new as it has been made public some time ago, but I would like to bring it up to see who else is interested.

I am rather looking forwards to this title even though I have only tried the Arcade game on an Arcade Classic compilation. I had a look at the NES game on various fan sites, though that game is old now it sounds very intruiging and I hope some of that will carry over to the PC/PS2/Xbox360 game.

Regarding the looks, I do kind of agree with the original NES fans that the character has been rather 'radicalised' to make him more extreme looking for a younger audience.
An update of the original character might have been better; professional military guy with cool looking shades and the Bionic Arm unit.

In the original Japanes NES game the player actually took on futuristic Nazis and in the end even had to battle a revived Hitler.
At the time Nintendo of America was heavily censoring the games and all references to Nazis and Hitler had to be removed.

Kind of a shame really, because lets face it, isn't taking on a revived Nazi organisation and kicking resurrected Hitler's ass not more exciting than facing yet another group of imperialistic/parasitic aliens or terrorist groups?

I don't think this would be offensive if it would be brought back in the new game.
You are taking on Nazis and Hitler, not worshipping him and the Nazi ideology as some conservative parents and politicians might claim.

3rd January 2008, 00:09
The problem is that today racial hatred is worse than it was during the second world war. Consider the issues in the middle east, along with the terrorism worldwide. A game released depicting the fighting of a resurrected Hitler might go overlooked and get away with it perfectly well, but equally you might get extremist groups viewing it as a metaphor for current world activities.

3rd January 2008, 03:14
I think that is the problem with modern society, its to damn sensitive.

Having respect for each other and tolerating each others' nuisances is one thing, but these days you can't make a joke or a cartoon about a particular group or people without it immediately feeling like some form of racism or attack.

We Dutch people make a lot of jokes about our neighbours to the South; Belgium, and they on their turn make jokes about us Dutch people.
Do I feel offended? Not at all, so we have a little bit of fun about each other, I don't hate Belgians and I don't think most Belgians hate us either.
The same goes for Germans, there is always something about each others' people in general you can laugh about without it being some hidden racial hatred.

I think if I had been in charge of the new Bionic Commando project I would have put the Nazis and resurrected Hitler in it just to flip the bird at censorship.

3rd January 2008, 10:05
The same is true in the UK, with fun being made of our neighbours all the time, and other countries such as the US especially. Political humour is also quite big, with most of the main heavyweight newspapers carrying a political cartoon each day making fun of current affairs.

As you say, everyone has become too sensitive about the underlying meaning behind everything and read into the smallest things. It is quite pitiful in my view that we have advanced so much in many areas, and yet archaic out of date religious groups and factions can still carry enough weight to dictate how we act publicly.

25th February 2008, 05:04
Just been checking one of the interview movies for Bionic Commando: Rearmed, the updated 2D game that will also be released for the PC.
The game looks really nice and I hope that Capcom will consider making a special edition that will include both the new 3D and 2D game for those gamers who can't buy stuff online like me.

However during the interview the subject of Hitler was mentioned and the head of the Bionic Commando projects responded that Hitler wasn't in it, in the original it was Master D (basically Hitler but with a different name and a monocle), so I think its pretty obvious that the developers will do the weak route and play public correctness because of the issue of even mentioning Hitler will bring up.

To me Public Correctness has gone too far now and I think us people should start actively fight it.

Bionic Commando must have future Nazis and Hitler in it, we gamers want to kick fascism in the face.