View Full Version : WinUAE Joystick only works with WinUAE Input "Compatibility mode"

26th December 2007, 21:42
While trying to take screenshots for some games I had some problems with getting WinUAE to recognise joystick inputs or joystick emulation through the keyboard. I found that when the input mode was set to "Compatibility mode" everything worked fine, but if one of the other 4 Configuration # Input modes was selected then all joystick functionality stopped working. This included WinUAE's built in joystick emulation through the keyboard, as well as real joysticks connected to the PC.

Thankfully I worked out what the problem was. The Input "compatibility mode" sets the joystick direction and button mapping to joystick 2. But all the other Configuration Input modes set them all as standard to Joystick 1. So in order to make the joystick settings work with games you need to change the settings for the joystick entry from Joy1 to Joy 2 by going into the Input section of WinUAE, selecting you joystick from the righthand dropdown menu and changing each Input Target from Joy1 to Joy 2.

I hope this is information proves useful.

26th December 2007, 22:29
Yeah, I've done this in the past. It's one of those things you can't work out for ages because it 'looks right' having it set to Joystick 1 (as in on practically every other console Joystick1/Gamepad1 is for the first player) so you subconsciously pass over it as a problem.