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22nd December 2007, 19:57
my A1200 was yellow so, i painted with spray

i used some fine sand paper,that kind that you have to put in water. (nš1200, very thin one)
so i spray it and give the sand paper and spray it again.
I only paint the top plastic, the bottom is not painted, so there is one photo were you can see the difference
here is the result


22nd December 2007, 23:58
Very nice! Very white!

25th December 2007, 18:42
Nice. Are you also going to put lacquer on top of the paint sp seal it in and give it a nice finish? And will you do the bottom also?

That side shot really shows the difference.

26th December 2007, 11:12
I dont know if i should put the lacquer.
The case is very nice, it doesn't require lacquer, only to protect... i dont know... i have to look for one and test it

22nd January 2008, 20:13

Hello there, now thats a nice job indeed!

I found at best spraying to be a subjective art, by that, i mean that some products that work for some, dont always work for others. but by and large I have found on a personal level that Spray painting is as much about patience as it is about hand - eye co-ordination.

An impressive job :) i hope that you complete the bottom, there are many inspirations about, one that bit me a while back was a two tone concept with top white and base as grey as the control keys :)

if its of use, the best lacqure i have found is from Halfords Acrillic Clear Matt lacqure, it hardens well and looks a great finish, when i get time i will post some pics in the Amiga pictures thread / gallery thing :D

again, a great job! a work to deffinaetly be proud in :)

23rd January 2008, 08:57
i am still trying to find a solution for the yellowing keys... it will be difficult, if i paint them i will loose the letters.... i could cover the letters with something and paint around but the effect would be a nice white key with a small yellow letter on top ....:lol:

23rd January 2008, 09:22
there maybe a way... its long winded, and it would certainly be quicker to buy a new keyboard from fleabay.. BUT...

consider this....


I bought some for my colour laser printer as a few mods would look quite tasty with this, (better this than stencil work.... oh my... )

anyway... you could image your keys (with a scanner ?) and then make them black and white.... flip them.... print them ..... and then rub them onto the keys... a steady hand a a small guide would do wonders...

I suppose if one googled hard enough you could find a usable set of key lexicographic images :D

heres a start
cool kinda matrixy (imagine them negative)

its a lot work, but you could make it nice and custom!

obviously you would need to seal them with a good hardwaring lacquer :)

23rd January 2008, 11:37
Now that would be dedicated to restoration in the extreme! A lot of patience needed.

23rd January 2008, 11:50

that one i think ... it will be hard.... :dry: ...