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21st December 2007, 15:41
It looks like Killer Gorilla has finished his game packs of every WHDLoad game. Visit him at Killer Gorilla (http://www.guildserver.co.uk/kgwhd/)

21st December 2007, 15:56
Nice. I only downloaded the packs recently so will only need to grab the December pack to bring it up to date. He has done an excellent job of creating this collection.

I will add a news item about this on the main site in a minute as I think it deserves a mention now it is finally finished.

19th January 2008, 17:04
Thanks for the Awsome packs KG i downloaded the lot :)

can anyone tell me do i just need the latest update to bring it upto date or all of them?

Just tried with my shiney new Whdload key :D