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15th December 2007, 00:47
The Friends of Classicamiga
Links to our friends, as well as some highly recommended sites to visit.


OldSkool UK (http://www.oldskooluk.org/)
Old school forum dedicated to the Amiga and the sceners that made it so special.


Amibay (http://www.amibay.co.uk)
New site devoted to the commission free buying and selling for retro hardware and software.


PSPUAE (http://www.pspuae.com/)
Devoted to the development of the Amiga emulator for the Sony PSP.


Eggman's World (http://www.eggmansworld.com/)
Addicted retro file collector, and all round retro gaming enthusiast.

15th December 2007, 01:43
Highly recommended Retro download sites
The best download/torrent sites if you are after anything retro.


Underground Gamer (http://www.underground-gamer.com/)
If you are looking for any retro file collections this is the best place to start.


BitGamer (http://bitgamer.com/)
Sister site of Underground Gamer, this is devoted to the newer systems out there.


Pleasuredome (http://www.pleasuredome.org.uk/)
Another great site for retro file collections, focussing mainly on MAME and TOSEC sets.


(http://www.planetemu.net/)Planet emulation (http://www.planetemu.net/)
French emulation site dedicated to the hosting of most known retro games. If you are after a game for any retro system take a look here. They host TOSEC sets for most consoles, home computer systems and arcade game emulators.

15th December 2007, 01:45
Amiga Related Sites
Other Amiga related sites that we highly recommend


(http://www.amiga.org/)Amiga.org (http://www.amiga.org/)
Dedicated to the current Amiga World. News and Forum. If you are looking for information about the current OS4 and PPC hardware then this is the place to look.


WinUAE (http://www.winuae.net/)
The best Amiga emulator in the world!


Lemon Amiga (http://www.lemonamiga.com/)
Dedicated to Amiga gaming.


X-Amiga (http://www.xamiga.net/)
A new exciting Amiga emulation project, using a minimal Linux kernal and E-UAE to boot into a Workbench installation of your choice. Still early days, so a few things to iron out, but it is already showing great promise, as once developed further, unlike Amithlon this runs on modern hardware!

15th December 2007, 01:54
Old School Retro sites
If you are looking for a nostalgia trip check these out.


PlopBox (http://www.plopbox.net/)
This is a browser based retro music player. The site has a ton of songs available to queue up and play including some classic Amiga game and demo scene mods, and some of the most famous C64 SID tunes.

13th November 2008, 12:43
Demo Scene Sites
Sites dedicated to the Amiga demo scene

http://www.amiga.me.uk/forum_images/friendsofclassicamiga/retroremakes.jpg (http://www.retro-remakes.net)

Retro-Remakes (http://www.retro-remakes.net)
Demo Scene Project dedicated to converting Amiga Demo Productions into Win32 native executable files, so you can run them on your PC without emulation.