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Stephen Coates
14th December 2007, 15:15
I thought this was worth pointing out.

The guy from toastytech.com (forgotten his name), has done some interesting stuff with Windows 95.


14th December 2007, 15:58
Quite interesting. It is mad what some people spend their time doing. Especially when there is no practical real reason to still be using Windows 95. He also has to be quite mad to be trying to get more from NT4, as from personal experience I know what a nightmare that OS is to use.

But that was nothing when i continued looking at the pages and noticed he also still uses Windows 1! :blink: And to think, Windows 1 was released the same year as the Amiga. Now just compare Workbench 1.1 with Windows 1. Hard to imagine Windows would go on to be used by 97% or the world as their main OS.

Here is an interesting quote from the site:

"At the time, Microsoft intentionally forced application windows to tile, primarily in order to avoid being sued by Apple. (Who managed to force Digital Research's GEM desktop to stop using overlapping file browser windows)."

Funny how Commodore were never forced to remove their overlapping windows from Workbench then. And although it has been a very long time since I used the PC version of the GEM OS, I'm sure you could overlap file browser windows on the ST version of the OS.

So how did Microsoft eventually find a way to have overlapping windows in their OS?

14th December 2007, 19:37
omg. What a nerd.