View Full Version : Amiga CD32 FMV Card for sale

10th December 2007, 11:33
Hi all, For anyone who may be interested I have an FMV card for sale on E-bay - Item number: 370004163844 End time 16-Dec-07 19:40


Many Thanks

10th December 2007, 16:39
Very nice. These are very rare and have always been, even when they were originally made. You couldn't find them in any shops for love nor money!

Hope you make a good price for it.

And welcome to the forum. :thumbs: I noticed in the auction you are in Southamption. I also live near Southampton, as does another forum member. :)

17th December 2007, 13:55
This item ended at 72 + 10 postage, which is highly that I was expecting, although I have seen them sell for more in the past.