View Full Version : Faulty BPPC

Stephen Coates
3rd December 2007, 10:35
Theres a faulty BPPC here for 70. Can't say whats wrong with it though. Any suggestions?


3rd December 2007, 10:42
The seller mentions that the Amiga screen goes red or green. This indicates faulty ram so I would guess one of the SIMMs on the card is faulty, not the card itself. But you wouldn't actually know for sure unless you tested it with another working SIMM.

3rd December 2007, 11:36
Could also be that the flash ROM has been fried. If thats the case then it's only good for spares.

Stephen Coates
3rd December 2007, 16:44
Can't flash ROMs just be reflashed?

Unless the ROM chip itself is actually knackered.

Are they replaceable?

3rd December 2007, 17:00
If the flash failed or was aborted whilst trying to be installed it can kill the onboard flash rom and as far as i know it cannot be replaced. It can be reflashed sometimes but this does not always work. Even if it does work the Flashrom may still be corrupt. It was a wonderfull design flaw guarenteed to sell more units and make sure that everyone used PowerUP. I may be wrong.