View Full Version : I need some drive enclosures

3rd December 2007, 08:59
Does anyone know a decent place that sells external drive enclosures?

I am looking for 2 USB2 external drive enclosures. One to house a 300GB 3.5" SATA HD, and the other to house a 40GB 2.5" IDE HD.

Ideally I want the enclosures to be all aluminium construction.

I really like the Black metal Icy Box with the blue lighting, but those are too expensive for what they are, and I've heard a lot of people saying theirs have gone wrong, which isn't good.

I had a look on ebay and can get a 2.5" enclosure quite cheaply, but I'm not sure if they are any good, but the 3.5" enclosures don't seem any cheaper than buying them through a store.