View Full Version : A500 PC PSU Conversion: Teaser

23rd November 2007, 16:14
OK, so after surviving a near death experience at the hands of this project. It has come to a climax.

Just a few more steps are required for the finishing touches and then the hard task of writing it all up begins.

Here is a few pics of the conversion. comments most welcome.


I am using an old battered A1200 as the test machine so I dont damage my everyday one!

Demon Cleaner
23rd November 2007, 16:32
When looking at the first picture, it seems quite normal that you got an electric shock :)

At the moment it still looks unspectacular, but I guess you will improve this?

23rd November 2007, 16:54
Yes, the first picture does look quite shocking!

23rd November 2007, 16:59
Yes, the first picture does look quite shocking!

This is getting rediculous. The bad puns are spreading all over the place now. As electrifying as all these puns are we should stop. NOW. Oh crap now i've started doing them. Nurse, It's medication time.

23rd November 2007, 17:12
here is a couple of more pictures.