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22nd November 2007, 15:54
For those that are mourning the loss of Amibench after ten years, us at Oldskool UK are looking to create an alternative site to replace it, Tecno wants to keep the Amibench name, so it's looking like ours will be called Amibay. We just want to offer an alternative to Fleabay specifically for the Amiga scene, in the way Amibench did.

We could do with some web coders on board to set the site up, we are looking at hosting options at present.

If you would like to help, please pop over to Oldskool UK and let us know.



22nd November 2007, 16:48
As you probably know, classicamiga is running on its own dedicated server, so I can offer to help with the hosting of such a project if needed, as long as it's not something that is going to really hit the server hard. In addition I can offer classicamiga sub domains.

I did used to run a For Sale/Wanted section on the original version of the classicamiga website, and it was quite popular with people sending in adverts weekly. And on the current site there is a section in the members area for buying and selling items, but it has only ever been used by one member of the site, so has remained unused. For this reason I was actually considering removing it from the site.

I've been considering an Amiga auction section on the classicamiga forum for some time and there are already pre-made auction mods that exist, which could make life much easier. But it would be interesting to see what ideas for such a site have been posted on Oldskool UK.

22nd November 2007, 20:43
/Shameless plug on

Then why not sign up as a member of OldSkool UK, if you haven't already?

/Shameless plug off

Seriously, i have kicked a few ideas around but TBH it's early days, we will probably firm up some of the structure of the site over the weekend, we are looking into hosting, rules, running costs etc. and loads of other things, first thing is to get the team assembled and work out who is doing what. Loads to think about :hmmm: and any ideas are welcomed :yesyes:


Dazzaboy has opened a public thread at OS-UK for people to offer suggestions and support etc. here:


If anyone wants to help with the project, please post in the thread above.



24th November 2007, 22:24
@Harrison: thx for the offer of server space but we've got that adequately covered between us. ;) We'll keep this thread updated about any new developments but feel free to hit the link to our forum (in Merls post) and chuck in any ideas/suggestions you may have.

24th November 2007, 23:30
I just think its good that we link all Amiga site together! Its good to affiliations with other sites :thumbs:

25th November 2007, 22:02
Ok Guys,

www.amibay.co.uk is live and in alpha stage at the present, the site is live but still under construction. Feel free to take a peep and maybe read the FAQs :coffee: of what we aim to do through the site. We need to iron a few bugs out and add a few bells and whistles but most of it is there.

We are all stoked about this project.....


25th November 2007, 22:22
On trying the site:

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not connect to the database

25th November 2007, 23:24
Just checked it out, it looks like it will be a good thing once it gets up and running. You'll have to advertise to get a stack of members. I'm not into buying/selling Amiga gear, I stick with the emulation, as I only ever use it for gaming :thumbs:

26th November 2007, 08:36
@ Submeg

Ultimately it won't just be about Amiga, the site will cover no-cost trading in all retro hardware and software regardless of origin, Spectrum, C64, Atari, MSX, whatever, all will be welcome.

Loads of hardware and software is thrown away every year because people can't be arsed to put it on Fleabay and pay seller's fees.

This is what we hope to tap into, think of a "car boot sale for the retro scene" and you get the idea.

Fleabay and the like just panders to traders and inflates the prices people will pay, we don't want that on our site and traders will have to be approved before they can promote themselves on then site.

Our killer brainchild is the Recycle Bin, where people can obtain stuff not wanted any more by others for just the cost of shipping, this is off-limits to traders and will be carefully monitored by the mods.

We are all pretty excited about this, please help us spread the word....

@ AlexJ

It seems to be a server bug, Zetr0 is working on it, we may move the server before we go fully live.


26th November 2007, 09:09
Just had a quick look at the site and looks good.

26th November 2007, 12:52
Hey Merlin, yea well that's cool that you will branch out into all things retro :thumbs: I will help spread the word, let me know when you have a banner for your site and I will stick it on my myspace....I get about 20 hits a day in my blog, so I'm sure you'll get some traffic :) Yea the recycle bin is cool :cool:

26th November 2007, 15:56
I just had a quick look at it's starting to look good already. My only concern is that you are using phpBB to run it as it is very insecure forum software and easy for people who know to hack into accounts etc...

But with enough moderators it should be possible to keep on top of any such breaches. I hope it takes off and starts to become popular.

And when you have a final banner advert available for the site please let me know as I think setting up an affiliation between classicamiga and amibay would really help amibay take off. Especially as I would like to feature it on the homepage of classicamiga once it is fully finished and up and running.

26th November 2007, 19:49
Thanks for the offers guys, we will take any help we can get...:)

Feel free to pop over to OldSkool UK and add ideas and suggestions in the Amibay thread, it's for the community so everyone has a shout.



30th November 2007, 20:36
Sounds like an interesting project, Merlin. Best of luck!

1st December 2007, 15:01
Due to database problems on the Amibay site, we've unfortuantely had to perform a roll back and have lost a few member accounts in the process.

Most of the gremlins have now been sorted and we'd just like to ask all those peeps that have pre-registered on the site recently, to hop on over and sign up again.

Sorry for the inconvenience - normal service will now be resumed. ;)

1st December 2007, 22:28
As Dazza says, the bugs appear to have been eliminated and the site is running a LOT faster, logins are stable too.

The first posters are advertising, it appears we are up and running.....


1st December 2007, 23:58
Nice work :thumbs:

3rd December 2007, 00:43
Great to hear. I will pop over this coming weekend and have a proper look around, and register.

Great work and I hope it takes off and does well :thumbs:

5th December 2007, 20:02
@ Harrison

Your Amibayer status has been granted, enjoy....

@ Submeg

Please contact Sarek or Zetr0 at Amibay regarding the banner you were looking for, we have a new shiny logo you may like :).

Everyone at Classicamiga is welcome at Amibay.



5th December 2007, 21:40
Hey Merlin, just tried to get on....its taking me to www.guildeserver.co.uk....

5th December 2007, 21:45
@ Submeg

That's OK, we originally had it showing the Amibay site address when we set it up, but some users weren't being redirected for some reason, so I disabled framed redirection to see if that cleared it.

The guildserver address is correct, Zetr0 is hosting it.


5th December 2007, 21:47
K, will try again :)