View Full Version : Blizzard PPC and Blizardvision

20th November 2007, 15:17
This is going to be expensive but as you get the BVision as well it's worth it.

20th November 2007, 15:26
Very nice. If I had some spare cash at the moment I would definitely be tempted. To get the PPC accelerator, SCSI expansion and BVision graphics together is an amazing opportunity.

How much you think this will end for? It is the 040 version, and not the 060, so not quite as good as it could be, but equally it does have the 240MHz PPC. I'm guessing at least 300, and more likely 400.

20th November 2007, 15:48
Because of the scsi and BVision i reckon 450+ as Bvisions themselves got for 150

20th November 2007, 16:01
It depends. Ebay can be strange sometimes. I've seen standalone PPC cards felt more than others that come with the BVision. Strange, but it shows you can sometimes grab a bargain.

27th November 2007, 14:38
Looks like someone did grab a bragain at 311.00. Had i the money I'd buy the Bvision for at least 100.00. Some you win i suppose.