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15th November 2007, 02:17
October 2007
The October 2007 Poster of the Month competition sort of came and went without me sorting it out. Sorry about that everyone.

At least you all didn't forget about it and still nominated and voted for some great posts.

I've now had time to bring things back up to date and am pleased to announce that the October 2007 Poster of the Month award goes to v85rawdeal for his post in the thread "How often do you visit classicamiga?"

I drop by about three times a day - in the morning before work, at lunch and when I get home. I dont always post but I do read heaps of the topics - I love this forum because the members are so friendly, knowledgable and bloody wierd!

I take offence at being called 'knowledgable' :lol:

Congratulations :thumbs: