View Full Version : 1200 DCE Flickerfixer Scandoubler Scanmagic

9th November 2007, 13:41
We here talking about a Flickerfixer Scandoubler...

there is one Amiga 1200 DCE Flickerfixer Scandoubler Scanmagic in ebay:


9th November 2007, 14:58
Nice. But is it an A1200 one? They normally plug into the RGB port on the A1200 and are external. From the image it looks like an internal Zorro card, although the image isn't very clear or easy to work out.

9th November 2007, 15:15
He says it is for A1200 ....


DCE: Scan Magic (Internal)
An internal scandoubler designed for installation in an A4000 or A1200. There appears to be two versions of this device, depending on the version you have it either clips onto the Lisa Chip, or the Alice chip. The Scan Magic is very similar to the Flicker Magic, except it does not peform flicker fixing.

9th November 2007, 15:19
I know the name of these but haven't seen one of them myself. Quite a cool solution if they do fit completely inside the A1200.

However I wouldn't want one unless it also did flicker fixing as that is half the reason for getting one. Well I suppose it does allow any VGA monitor to finally be used, but just with a horrible flicking refresh rate.