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7th November 2007, 14:41
Did anyone ever use the IBM/Microsoft OS, OS/2 and then OS/2 Warp (version 3)?

I remember reading a lot about it during its development in the late 80's and it was hyped, even by Microsoft, as the next great OS. But then Windows 3 took off in a big way and OS/2 just never went anywhere.

But IBM continued its development even after Microsoft abandoned it to concentrate on Windows and it continued to be developed right up to 2001 with the release of OS/2 Warp 4.52. And another company has been selling it since under the name eComStation with a new version 2.0 due for release this year.

It could even run most Windows 3 and DOS software at the time, and had the advantage with DOS programs of being able to run them in a closed environment so if they crashed, unlike a PC running DOS at the time, OS/2 wouldn't crash with it.

But I always wondered why. It was never really a popular OS in any shape or form. I've never seen it running (just screenshots) and I've never known anyone who has used it. Have you used it? Or seen it running?

About the closest I've come is when setting up a PC and normally seeing an OS/2 support option in the BIOS settings to limit ram to make a system compatible for OS/2 to run.

According to the Wiki entry it is used in a few large commercial sectors to control automated teller machines (cash points) and the French Rail Networks ticket machines. Plus some voice mail systems. So I suppose it has been used commercially with some success.

I've always been interested in trying it out just to see what it is like, so am going to try and find a copy and install it using Virtual PC as that directly supports it.

7th November 2007, 14:44
The only thing i remember was that OS2 was very good in multitasking. And it was one of his strongest features.

Demon Cleaner
7th November 2007, 15:48
We still have it on our IBM hardware management console at work, and is used to fiddle around with the mainframe's hardware. Mainly we use it to IPL the system.

7th November 2007, 16:11
So IBM related systems are still using it to some extent then.

Stephen Coates
7th November 2007, 19:48
I've never used it. I've only seen screenshots of it. I wouldn't mind using it though.

I never heard of OS/2 being used for things like cash machines etc, but I did once see a photograph of a cash machine that was running windows 2000 and had an error on the screen (I don't know whether it was real or not).

17th December 2011, 12:58
Hi All
OS/2 has been updated a company sells it. it now called EcomStation it also very pricey.
Many Thanks

18th December 2011, 21:15
I remember seeing adverts for it, but that's about it.