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6th November 2007, 13:50
Hello all,

A bit of a strange topic to open, but its something I feel and there aren't many people around me which I can really discuss it with.

I don't know really how to start, all these years I have always considered myself something of a fan of various cultures; science fiction, comics, cartoons, you name it.
And while I didn't check out everything that was is popular I always thought I had something of a general knowledge on the various subjects.

But these days I feel more and more left behind, as if I am in some race to catch up with other people but never really seem to make it, and in some ways I find it very frustrating.

In a way I can't make my own 'character' other than 'the average guy with psychological problems', not as an individual that stands out in some way, and I truly dislike it.

While I have chosen 'popular culture' (which does vary) as the topic, to me the feeling of being behind also applies in general.
Is this perhaps caused by depression?

6th November 2007, 15:49
Hmm... Well they do say that once you realise you are out of touch with popular culture, you are getting old! ;)

About the only area I find myself unable to relate to is the current top 40 singles charts these days. I start to realise I sound like my parents when I state "Most of the music in the charts is rubbish and isn't proper music". But, actually I don't think I am out of touch with music. I actually think the current pop charts are full of complete crap! Who else agrees?

As for who you are and what defines you. Only you know who you are, what you like, and what you want from life. Sometimes it can be hard to define such things in life, and often most people just go along with everyone else and what the current trends are. Personally I've never been one of those, instead just buying what I personally like, and doing what I want to do in life. It's too short to be railroaded into other's ideologies in my view.

Demon Cleaner
6th November 2007, 15:55
I actually think the current pop charts are full of complete crap! Who else agrees?You have my blessing ;)

6th November 2007, 16:09
Top 40 music is poor for these days.
Nothing to do with getting old.
Not enough bands doing their own work.
Too many manufactured groups making good money by relying on looks and the teeny bopper market, than musical ability.

I always do what please me an not the crowd.
I still use an Amiga as my main machine.
Virtually an individual these days.:D

Don't worry about anyone else and just look after yourself.

6th November 2007, 16:34
Heck, I'm out of touch with just about everything, and I don't even mind. There used to be a time I forced myself to do things I don't really like (listening to hardcore/gabba music, going to raves, generally doing things that other people also did at the time), simply because I was afraid of being left behind, but that time is way past me. There is more to life than trying to conform to what others perceive as 'ideal' - I can decide for myself what's important to pursue and what's a waste of my time.

Obviously, top 40 music is a big waste of time. Beatles FTW!

6th November 2007, 16:48
I agree with Sharingan.
I also did many things to not be left behind, but not now, i dont give a sh..

and you have to realise that, if you think in a different way or have a different taste from other 100 people, doesnt mean that you are wrong. You could be right and those 100 be completely wrong...
Act as yourself but feel free to ask for a advice. That advice will not be the law, it's just an opinion.

6th November 2007, 20:56
Hmm...not left behind no...I set the trends man! Lol. Na, I don't listen to new music that much as most of it sounds like they pulled a garbled tape out of the bin and lay some new lyrics on it...

6th November 2007, 21:23
Forget worrying about stuff like that man - all great minds have original personalities. If everyone was the same then it would be boring as hell. I dont mind if I dont fit in everywhere cos thats just me - some people think im nuts and some people think im boring so it just goes to show you that you cant please everyone. If that sort of thing drives you then you will burn yourself out very quickly. I try to do things differently from everyone else because I like originality - the idea of being the same as every other creep bores me. Sack that!
It sounds like you may have other things playing on your mind and this is just the latest thing, the one that has really got you down. You should spend some time with friends and family and talk to them about what it is thats bothering you. If you do feel really down then go to the doc - theres no shame in seeking help even if that means you get a short course of anti-depressants. That what these folk are there for - a bit of help when you need it!

6th November 2007, 23:39
I personally would never resort to taking anti-depressants as they just cover up the underlying issues they are being taken for, and can lead to even more problems such as addition to the drugs. The actual problems have to be faced full on eventually, so the drugs are just delaying the inevitable.

But, back on subject, I don't think it is worth worrying about being a part of popular culture or "fitting in", or equally trying to be different. You either are an individual, who is unique and different, or you fit into a stereotypical group. Either way it doesn't really matter as long as what you like doing with your life gives you enjoyment. And there is the answer. Figure out what you enjoy doing, and then just do it and enjoy yourself. Obviously that doesn't include anything illegal such as murder, rape, robbery etc... but I hope you get the drift. ;)

8th November 2007, 20:33
Popular culture never left me behind. I left it behind...

..only problem is I have gone almost full circle and am only now starting to catch up with it again!

15th November 2007, 23:19
I seem to have forgotten this topic.

I will make a proper response later.

16th November 2007, 13:09
Hello guys,

It took a little while for me to respond on this topic.

To be hones I don't really know how to write back, I have partly explained some of the things that really bug me.
When I wanted to start this post I almost made it a repeat of the original post with which I opened this topic, I wonder if this form of repetitiveness is the result of the lack of inspiration.

As I mentioned in another topic I am really stuck on the moment in coming up with ideas or thoughts of my own.
I used that Fallout idea for example but I also have some Metroid text writing that I want to do for someone else but where I am also stuck with.
Its not that the subject doesn't interest me anymore but I don't know really how to add to it.

Fallout with its weird 50's style Post Nuclear America.
Metroid with its inspirations in anime, science fiction, Alien/Aliens.

When I wrote other texts for a Metroid related site I took a lot of inspiration from science fiction movies and books I have seen or read, but I don't want all my ideas to be blatant copies of what great minds have come up before me, and which are still copied every day by other people because they seem to lack the motivation of coming up with ideas of their own.

* sigh * I am probably ranting again, damn you depression.

17th November 2007, 16:55
sounds like writers block to me dude!

19th November 2007, 12:57
Only way to overcome writers block is to not try. Go and do something else. Or maybe visit lots of places or go to the library and look through loads of non-fiction books for ideas.

19th November 2007, 13:06
Hmm, on writing, I may have scored a spot in a magazine doing music reviews! :) Dont know the details yet but will find out more!

19th November 2007, 14:05
Wow, that's great Sub. Get us free copies, wouldya?

I can sort of imagine how hard it is to overcome writer's block. I mean, inspiration isn't something that just flows and keeps flowing. Ghost, have you actually sought help from fellow writers through online forums and such? I'm sure writer's block is something every writer has had to deal with at one point or another, so sharing experiences with others might help you in finding solutions.

22nd November 2007, 21:21
Hello Sharingan,

A couple of days ago I have been busy again with writing something for that friend's website again, not really much original material as it can probably be found in dozens of other science fiction franchises but at least I have written something again.

Unfortunate still no ideas for those self chosen assignments that are stuck on my computer, just no inspiration.

Well I have been talking with a few people about the writer's block, I got a few suggestions of sites I should try out, I haven't yet really discussed it with other writers.
The one person I know who also has an interest in this is almost never online.

23rd November 2007, 00:11
It can be exactly the same when designing something. You either instantly get some images of ideas in your head that you can explore and work on, or you have nothing and have a blank. That is hard as you then have to start searching for anything related to the subject you are designing for to try and get some ideas. The worst for me is designing icons. It is very hard to come up with something in icon form to represent something, especially when that something might not be a physical object but an action or subject.

23rd November 2007, 18:18
There's a lot of things you can try to regain inspiration, and it's not always just the straightforward things.

Listening to music. Watching a few movies. Browsing through some art books. Reading a book. Taking a stroll through the city. Driving your car out there and watching some scenery.

As I've mentioned before, planting yourself in front of your computer or behind your desk with the intention to create something new barely ever works.