View Full Version : Sport Renault R27 in Southampton

3rd November 2007, 21:14
Was in town during the week, and Renault had the high street showing off their cars.

Also there was the F1 RA27. Ok so its obviously the real one, but a full scale mock up.

Man they are big cars, I don't remember the 94 Williams of Damon hill being this big! :unsure:


5th November 2007, 12:04
I was in Chichester all weekend so didn't get to see that. At least I do get to see tham all close up most years at Goodwood. :)

Are you sure it was a mock up? Looks like the real thing from the pictures. :unsure:

In contrast I always think how small the F1 cars are, compared to how they look on TV or sitting in the Grand Stands, and actually the older Damon Hill cars were bigger as they used to be much wider. I remember when the new regulations came in and I thought the new cars looked silly being much narrower, but now when I see the old footage, the older cars look ridiculously wide.

5th November 2007, 17:22
The display F1 cars are usually the real deal, sans engine. Demonstration cars (like at Goodwood) obviously include the engine.

5th November 2007, 20:59
Thats what I mean less the engine. also the tyres I think arnt real F1 tyres as they be toooooo expensive to stick on there. also think some of the bits arnt carbon.

The older cars are wider but think shorter, Ill dig my pic out of DH car from when I sat in that"!