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25th October 2007, 17:43
I mentioned this in another thread a while back but thought this could be useful for some. The Ultimate Boot CD is a free CD you can download and burn. It contains self booting DOS and Linux utilities for a large number of purposes. It is also possible to add your own DOS programs to the disc and then run them from the CD, so it is also a self booting DOS CD.

On the CD is included a lot of utilities including:

CPU Tests, stress and burn-in.
Memory Tests.
Peripheral Tools (ID drives and ports).
CPU identification.
System Information (very handy if repairing a PC you don't know).
Benchmark Tools.
BIOS Tools.
Hard Disk Installation Tools (MaxBlast, DiscWizard, Disk Manager etc...)
HD Diagnostic Tools (all manufacterers own tools - Drive Fitness Seatools, HUTIL etc).
HD Device Management Tools.
HD Wiping Tools (good for completely erasing data).
HD Cloning Tools.
HD Low-Level Editing Tools.
Partition Tools.
Boot Managers.
File Tools.
NTFS Tools.
Anti Virus/Malware Tools.
Network Tools.
DOS Boot Disks.
Linux Boot Disks.

So as you can see there are a lot of useful utilities on this CD, allowing you to do many tasks by just booting this CD. Great when you can't get your OS to boot or are trying to repair a broken system.

You can get full details and download the ISO from http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/

25th October 2007, 17:46
In addition there is now also an off shoot project called Ultimate Boot CD for Windows that is focused more on Windows itself and recovery and maintenance of the OS. You can find more about this at http://ubcd4win.com/

This one is a bit more complex as it uses some files from a Windows install CD so you actually need to build the final CD ISO before you can then burn it ready for use.

23rd January 2008, 15:44
I thought I would also mention another Boot CD that beats the two already listed above. It is called the Hiren's Boot CD, and full details can be found at the official site here (http://www.hiren.info/pages/bootcd).

This Boot CD contains everything you could possibly want in a Boot CD. It has bootable DOS and Linux environment based tools, as well as containing a suite of Windows tools and utilities that can be launched from an auto run front end within Windows.

Due to the content of the disc, with some content still under copyright, or not free to distribute, this Boot CD isn't as easy to find as those listed above. For trusted classicamiga members, head over to The Vault to find out more. ;)

23rd January 2008, 15:47
Thanks for all the info. Especially good for me as i'm looking at getting into tech support and systems engineering.

23rd January 2008, 15:50
I've tried both and i prefer Hirens been using it for quite a long time it's about the only thing i get every update of :)

Both are very usefull but for me Hirens just edges it!

Demon Cleaner
23rd January 2008, 19:22
Have to get this one a try, will check that out next week. Thx for the post.