View Full Version : Driver section?

14th October 2007, 13:32
Do we have one? If not would it be usefull to have one?

I have loads of driver discs for hardware that I can submit. of the top of my head i have.

PowerXL drive
SX1 setup
A590 set
Zappo CDrom
Powerscan greyscale
CD32 Bootdisc
Oktagon 2008
Canon Print studio
TCP/cnet/FTP mount

and a few more that I cant remember.

14th October 2007, 14:04
Good question. And here is the answer.

The hardware section I am planning for the main site will use a structure similar to the game and demo sections of the site. We will therefore be able to add hardware and build up a directory over time. I want to include downloads in this section that will include drivers, scanned manuals and other useful files and information. In addition it will contain screenshots of the hardware, the packaging and some information about the product (compatible with which Amiga models etc)

Does that sound good?

The difference between this and the existing Amiga Hardware site is that I don't want this to be an extensive catalogue of all know Amiga hardware, regardless of how useful, popular or available. I want this to contain the hardware we all use or have used and recommend. We will also be able to post reviews and comments for each piece of hardware in the directory which will hopefully get people remembering some great hardware they used and posting comments too.