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Demon Cleaner
11th October 2007, 13:28
Everybody surely knows the C64 music collection called "High Voltage SID Collection". Such a music database does also exist for Atari and is called "Atari SAP Music Archive" and can be found under http://asma.atari.org/.

12th October 2007, 20:03
Atari links on an Amiga forum!

Only kidding ;) :lol: Even though I love the Amiga I still have very fond memories of te Atari ST, having been a devote user for a few years. I've not been to that site so will have to check it out when i have some time. Cheers for the link.

13th October 2007, 15:51
Maybe its for the same reason a lot of PS3 sites have '360' links...

Just to reinforce that feeling of goodness!