View Full Version : An Open Letter to the Amiga Community

8th October 2007, 17:48
About a week ago, Bill McEwen published an open letter to the Amiga community. You can read it in full at here (http://www.amiga.com/news/?art=32&PHPSESSID=0895623a116061fabc24adffd6d21f12).

8th October 2007, 18:17
I'm not quite sure what to make of this open letter.

One thing is very certain. It is very OPEN in that it actually says nothing! It doesn't tell us anything about the company Amiga Inc, what they have actually been doing all of these years, or where it is heading.

I do wonder if the OS4 they talk about is the same OS4 we think of. Amiga Inc is focused on mobile technology after all, as mentioned towards the bottom of the letter.

The only mention of an actual product is Amiga Anywhere, but I thought (from reading other sources) that this wasn't related to the actual Amiga platform.