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8th October 2007, 17:44
A few days ago, www.amigaweb.net published an article containing questions and answers with Bill McEwen (CEO of Amiga Inc.).

You can read all of it here (http://www.amigaweb.net/index.php?function=view_news&id=773).

So what do you think about this? Can we hope to see a release of OS4 in the coming future, and what's deal deal with OS5?

8th October 2007, 18:07
Hmm... So basically to sum up... "Please see the answer to question 4." ;)

I get the impression the guy being interviewed DID NOT HAVE A CLUE!

21) How many people work at Amiga Development India, and is this company used at all for development of Amiga OS or Amiga related software development?

We currently have 63 employees in India and there are no members of the Amiga India team working on OS 5. They are working on other Amiga related products and initiatives.

Read INDIA CALL CENTRE. "Hello, this is Amiga incorporated. How may be be helping you".

7) What kind of hardware will OS5 be designed for?

OS5 scales to its host hardware, so anything from mobile phones through stbs, consoles up to servers. Initially covering software hosts Windows-D, Windows Mobile, Linux-D, Linux-E and Symbian for x86 and ARM, and possibly any high profile hardware host.Amiga Inc. stated many years ago that they were not interested in developing an OS for the classic range (or PPC) Amiga. They were using the name Amiga OS to represent a new portable OS for handheld PDAs. And this statement seems to confirm this.

The worrying thing however is if they do call it Amiga OS5 then this will be very misleading as it would suggest it to be the next OS in the Amiga Workbench line. Which it would not be.

Could this be the reason for the PS4 lawsuit? They don't want OS4 to continue in it's present form as it is related to the old Amiga hardware and not Amiga Inc. future plans. I hope not!

8th October 2007, 21:55
Man they really dont no what there are doing :no: no wonder this all happened in the first place...:doh2: