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2nd October 2007, 16:30
We had a "who is your favourite Star Wars characters" thread a while back, but I thought it might be interesting to see which character you would pick to actually be?

Personally I would pick one of the bounty hunters. Boba Fett has always been my favourite character from the who Star Wars franchise, along with his father Jango and his slightly cooler looking armour. Plus their Slave 1 ship is great too.

Or Boushh (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Boushh).

Either that or Cade Skywalker (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Cade_Skywalker), a descendant of Luke and Anakin, and the son of Kol, the most powerful leader of the high council.

BTW, has anyone else explored the Star Wars Wiki (http://starwars.wikia.com)? It's really cool and contains a lot of information. Just reading any of the pages dedicated to even the well known characters such as Leia will reveal a lot of information you probably never knew as the fans editing these pages have filled in all the back story and times before, after and between the films using the comics, graphic novels, stories, books and other sources that have been written since the films. A great site.

2nd October 2007, 16:46
I would be Luke Skywalker just because he merried MARA JANE !!!!! :lol:
I allways like that red hair !!! :D

For those how are not familiar with Star Wars,
after the six episodes (cinema) Luke married Mara Jane !!! And they had kids... and those kids, later...i will not tell more... he he he... read the books

2nd October 2007, 16:57
You meant Mara Jade. ;)


Do you notice how the artist has cleverly included aspects of Princess Leia in the look of Mara? For those who don't know, Leia is Mara's aunt.

2nd October 2007, 17:14
My english is allways playing with be,

sorry master, Mara Jade, i read the books so long ago, i dont remember well.

But i remember that Luke went to the dark side and then return from it.
I also read one book about their children. I read many Start Wars Books, but it was many years ago, and most of them were not available in Portuguese... it was a difficult task to undestand how a Death start works with all that tecnical stuff in english :blink:

2nd October 2007, 18:02
I would be Princess Leia, so I could play with myself.


Probably Mace Windu, because he's badass. I would've chopped the Emperor to pieces.

Demon Cleaner
2nd October 2007, 18:28
Any of the Darth guys are cool and evil. I tend to prefer the dark or evil side of characters, not only in Star Wars, as they look much cooler.

3rd October 2007, 01:03
Plus the evil characters always get to sport great tattoos! Aye DC! ;)

3rd October 2007, 07:34
It depends - good, has to be Han Solo because of his general air of sarcasm and indifference. Bad - Darth Maul, gotta love that light sabre!

3rd October 2007, 11:43
Darth Maul was definitely one of the more evil looking baddies. If there was one fault with the first three films, I never thought they made many of the bad guys look really evil in the films, just very military.

Demon Cleaner
3rd October 2007, 13:28
Plus the evil characters always get to sport great tattoos!I wanted to mention it, but thought it were unnecessary ;)

4th October 2007, 08:46
Jabba, because of the similar build...


...and like him, my party piece is to sit in the corner and lick my eyebrows too!!!

5th October 2007, 04:09


8th October 2007, 15:55
I would be Princess Leia, so I could play with myself.


Probably Mace Windu, because he's badass. I would've chopped the Emperor to pieces.

This is totally the mind set that should be encouraged.

I'd be an Ewok, just to piss off my mate - he really, really cannot stand Ewoks.

8th October 2007, 17:46
If you are going along that train of thought then it would definitely have to be Jar Jar Binks, then you could piss off the whole world! ;)