View Full Version : How many active Amigas exists in the world?

26th September 2007, 09:43
I am thinking in how many active Amiga Fans with real Amigas there are in the world....

It's quite difficult to say, but how much?
Do you think there are 5000 active amiga users? 10.000? Or much less, 1000? or much more 20.000?

Give your opinion.

26th September 2007, 11:18
That is a very hard question to answer as there is no real way of knowing. I would guess it is much more than 1000, but have no way of knowing the actual number. There are of course many thousands of Amiga fans around who now use Amiga emulation rather than the real Amigas, but equally there are become more real users who are digging their Amigas out from storage and using them again.

Demon Cleaner
26th September 2007, 11:36
You should use folding@home to check this :lol:

26th September 2007, 11:56
World-wide Sales by Year

Year-----Machine----------Units sold-----Source
1992--------A600-----------200,000-----Amiga Format May 1993
1992-------A1200------------44,000-----(Oct - Dec)
1992---Other Amigas--------146,000

1993-------A1200-----------100,000-----(Jan - Aug?) Amiga Format September 1993


Demon Cleaner
26th September 2007, 13:44
Here's a better overview:

Machine |
Units sold|

Amiga Format May 1993|

(Oct - Dec)|

Other Amigas|

(Jan - Aug?) Amiga Format September 1993|

26th September 2007, 13:46
It's impossible to work out how many are still being used or even still working based on sales figures though. Total Amiga sales for all models totalled over 5 million, but I doubt a large proportion of these are still working or even existing. I know many people who just threw them in the skip/local refuse centre! :o

26th September 2007, 13:52
I dont know how is the situation in Uk, but here in PT, i used to have more then 10 friends with Amigas back in early 90s. Now, i dont know anyone here, i fell alone in my country :unsure:
I am going to make a very simple website in Portuguese with photos of my A1200 and banners to link to classicaamiga.com and exlpain a litle bit how to buy. i hope that gets any atention thru Portuguese and Brazilian old fans.

I search for any homepages about Amiga in Portugal and i didnt find anything....
In brazil there are some pages.

26th September 2007, 14:00
I gave mine, along with the A570 CD drive to my local charity shop.

A couple of weeks later, I decided I wanted it back... but it had been sold!

26th September 2007, 14:03
I'm quite sure there are still plenty of people about who have Amigas (even in Portugal!), but as to how many are still actively using one? I'd wager it's not a whole lot. Simple consumer behaviour ... once there are bigger toys out, one tends to flock over to the new toys, leaving old ones collecting dust in a dark corner. There's also space constraints to take into account; not everyone can afford to stick both an Amiga, PC, console (with accompanying monitor/display) in their homes without running out of space.

26th September 2007, 14:27
your are right Sharingan, and many of them have Amigas but dont go to foruns or websites to much, so is quite difficult to say a number.

Talking about active people, that have an Amiga set up and working, i think we are no more them 5000...
there are a lot of people that dont have an Amiga but are into emulation, so that number will be bigger...

26th September 2007, 15:13
I am going to make a very simple website in Portuguese with photos of my A1200 and banners to link to classicaamiga.com and exlpain a litle bit how to buy. i hope that gets any atention thru Portuguese and Brazilian old fans.

Sounds like a great idea to try and attract more people from other countries back to the Amiga scene.

If you want to do this you are more than welcome to host the site on the classicamiga server, and can have a classicamiga.com subdomain to host it under if that would be of interest.

Stephen Coates
27th September 2007, 18:04
I would expect a few thousand at least (including emulation users). You only have to look at the amount of people registered on forums to work out that there must be lots of people who are at least still interested in Amigas.

27th September 2007, 18:10
Well, yes, there are a lot of people still interested. Just look at the classicamiga visitor statistics to prove that. Last month we had about 90,000 unique visitors to the site, so all of those are interested in some way (except for those visiting from search results by mistake), but I doubt most still have a working real Amiga.