View Full Version : Hard drives in AF/UAE

24th September 2007, 19:30
I want to backup the files on my a600/A1200 HDD. I have a usb 2.5 inch caddy and was wondering how I get AF to reconize the drives, as windows dosent.

25th September 2007, 00:14
The latest version of WinUAE directly supports external devices such as USB harddrives, so you should be able to put the Amiga formatted HD in your caddy and access it using WinUAE.

Once you have access to it you could setup a directory on your PC as a second HD in WinUAE and copy the real HD contents into it so you can back it up.

25th September 2007, 09:36
I got a pcmpcia flash memory card. It's really fast to transfer files from Amiga (600 or 1200) to PC.

25th September 2007, 10:38
What make/model of pcmcia flash card are you using?

25th September 2007, 11:58
Ill give that a go cheers. Need to wait for my new caddy to turn up now. I dropped the hdd and it snapped the usb from the interface off. (had to take it out as drive to big to fit in unit!)