View Full Version : Kickstart 3.0 -> 3.1 in A1200. Done!

24th September 2007, 09:09
Hi everyone.
I bought in ebay the kickstart 3.1 for my A1200. Cost me 11 pounds.

It's not only one chip, but 2 chips.
I remove the Kick 3.0, i had to force a litle bit, the chips were a litle glued.
i remove them, and them:

1st problem occured:
witch chip goes where?
I had 2 places to put 2 chips. Shape is equal to kick3.0 but the letters and numbers printed are different. I found that in kick 3.0 the only different between the 2 chips is that in the middle of letters and numbers one was a number ended in 3 and other ended in 4. With the Amiga in front of you the chip "3" was the top one and the "4" the bottom one. So the kick chips 3.1 is quite the same. One of them had a 3 and the other the 4. By this way we know witch one goes top and bottom.

2nd problem occured:
the circuit where you put the chip on Mboard has 42 contacts to place the chip, but the chip 3.1 has only 40 contacts (same as 3.0). before i remove the old rom 3.0 i didnt look if the chip was pluged from pin 1 to 40 or from 3 to 42 .....
so i didnt know.... but i remember something i read that the chip was pluged from right to left. So the 2 pins not used are the ones on left side....

It worked perfectly !!
If you want to do the same, be very carefully and remove the old 3.0 gently... i used a small knife to pull them out. i will have to do a little force on them, so be very carefull not to damage them.

24th September 2007, 11:34
Nice! Always a good feeling to do a mod or upgrade yourself.

Those chips are quite hard to remove. You can get proper tools to extract chips, but hey if a knife works...

I know you mentioned in another thread that you don't have everything in place yet to run OS3.9 on your Amiga. Perhaps while you're waiting you could build an OS3.9 install in an emulator ready to transfer to your real Amiga once it's ready. :)