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6th January 2007, 00:39
How the forum's reputation system works can seem quite confusing to begin with, but once explained it is quite easy to figured out.

This is how the reputation system works.

Under your username in your posts you will see a reputation power number and a status bar.

There are two values related to the reputation system. Reputation Points and Reputation Power.
Your Reputation Points total is the amount of reputation you have been awarded by others and for other conditions I will list in a moment.
Reputation Power is the number of reputation points you will award another member when you leave them some reputation.As you gain reputation points your reputation level will increase. Each level is set to increase once a specific number of reputation points has been reached. Think of it working like the forum pips system where you rise through the forum ranks. In a similar way you rise through the reputation ranks as you gain reputation.

Each member starts off with 10 reputation points when they join and a reputation power of 1. This means that they only award 1 point of reputation to anyone when they leave reputation for another member.

New members must have also made 1 post before they can use the reputation system to award others reputation.

When a member reached 50 reputation points they will go up to the second reputation level and gain an extra pip on their reputation bar and your reputation title will move up to the next level. Higher reputation levels have different reputation point requirements. I will list the levels when I get time.

Reputation Power increases in the following ways so that you may award more points with each reputation you award. The number next to your reputation bar is your current Reputaton power.

Reputation power increases by 1 for the following reasons:
Every 30 days you are a member of the board
Every 25 posts you make
Every 50 points of reputation you receiveRestrictions to the system include only being able to give out reputation 15 times within any 24 hour period, and having to award reputation to 3 different members before you can award it to the same member again.

Hope the reputation system now makes sense. Please ask if you have any further questions.

6th January 2007, 00:56
What is the point of the reputation system?

Some may wonder what the whole point of this system is. Well it is a nice way to leave a comment for another member who may have helped you out with a problem, or given you some useful information, or supplied you with a file you needed.

When giving reputation you include a comment and the last 5 comments received can be viewed in your members profile.

The level of reputation a member has also reflects on what the rest of the forum community think of that member and how much their judgement and advice is respected.

Therefore, don't forget to award some reputation to a member when they deserve it. ;)

6th January 2007, 01:07
These are the reputation levels and the number of reputation points needed to reach each level:

-100 points --- User is infamous around these parts
-50 points ---- User can only hope to improve
-10 points ---- User has a little shameless behaviour in the past
0 points ------ User is an unknown quantity at this point
10 points ----- User is on a distinguished road
50 points ----- User will become famous soon enough
150 points ---- User has a spectacular aura about
250 points ---- User is a jewel in the rough
350 points ---- User is just really nice
450 points ---- User is a glorious beacon of light
550 points ---- User is a name known to all
650 points ---- User is a splendid one to behold
1000 points --- User has much to be proud of
1500 points --- User has a brilliant future
2000 points --- User has a reputation beyond repute

These are only the first set of Reputation levels. The points needed to gain each level may change in the future, and more levels may be added. Check this post in the future for any updates to the levels.