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19th September 2007, 22:39
Is anyone a fan of the horror writer Shaun Hutson?

I've been a fan of his horror books for many years, first discovering his books by reading "Assassin". I recently managed to purchase 4 of his books which I hadn't read yet and am currently about half way through "Spawn".

Having not read any of his books for a few years I had forgotten just how graphic his writing can be. Sometimes he does take the descriptions a little too far, but it never puts you off from continuing to read. :) Spawn is just the same, with some very graphic details of how a murderer kills his victims by slowly pushing a long thin blade through their eye and into their brain. The description of the first time this occurs is very graphic, going into the details of how the eye reacted to the blade. Nice! :lol:

The others I have waiting to be read include Breeding Ground (the sequel to Slugs), Erebus and Victims.

If you are a fan of horror and you've not read any of his books I recommend you do.

20th September 2007, 10:53
I dont read more that kind of book because there are not so many in Portugal.
Stefen King has a lot of books here, but there are not much more. I have to buy them in English. And reading a book in English sometimes for me is complicated, if it's simpe language like dan bronw, it's easy, i read 3 books from him with no problems, but if you choose more complicated books it could be more difficult. I still remember when i read "Dune" in English.... was not easy, and it's not a difficult one, but it has some strange words... for a non english person.
Once i try to read one of Humberto Eco's books in english .... my god...:blink:
even in my own language sometimes is complicated .... now imagine in other language....

20th September 2007, 12:14
I would say the language in Dune can be quite complex at times, so your understanding of English must be better than you think.

You should have no problem reading books by authors such as James Herbert or Shaun Hutson based on the books you mentioned.

20th September 2007, 14:03
If i was living in UK, i would learn English very fast, but i dont have anyone speaking Eng. here, is just thru internet, or watchng movies, or listening to Audio CDs... once in a while i go travel and i speak end, but is not the same.
but i try to do my best! ;)

And Classicamiga is a great way to keep learning !!! Learning about Amiga and English. :)

1st October 2007, 08:30
It's quite funny, for my English was quite rubbish. It was through reading magazines (Amiga-related, of course!) and English books that I slowly but gradually learned to understand the language better.

I remember when I first started reading Frank Herbert's Dune series, I always had an English dictionary with me. As soon as I encountered a term that I didn't know, I'd look it up, scribble it down. Later on, I would look at the list I had made, and try to memorize all of it.

Reading English literature IS a big help for people who are learning. You're not only forced to look up words you don't understand, but you'll also see how sentences are supposed to be structured. Plus, books are good for you.

Also, watching English language movies WITHOUT subtitles is a good way to force yourself to concentrate on the spoken dialogue itself. For the love of good, avoid dubbed rubbish.

To get back on topic, I'm not particularly into horror fiction. The only ones I've read were (yeah yeah, predictably) Stephen King's, most notably IT.

1st October 2007, 13:27
Not really onto horror.
Have read and enjoyed some gothic horror stuff, which is basically fantasy with vampires an what have you thrown in.