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19th September 2007, 14:30
The September 2007 Poster of the Month competition is under way.

We've already had a couple of nominated posts this month, but we still need many more.

Don't forget to vote on all of the nominated posts so we can announce the winner quickly at the end of the month.

When submitting a post for POTM make sure the correct Poster of the Month Category is selected when you submit your post. This month's will be "POTM Semptember 2007". Also please add a little comment with your submission to explain why you think the post should be nominated.

Make sure you also read the pinned thread outlining the complete POTM rules and how to nominate a post if you haven't taken part before.

As always, if a clear winner is made through voting then that member will automatically be awarded, otherwise a deciding poll will be held to decide the final winner.

Good luck to everyone, I look forward to reading the nominations.

2nd October 2007, 00:43
Another month is over. I will announce the winner tomorrow, so if you haven't voted for the nominations please do quickly before I award the winner. :)

15th November 2007, 02:06
The Winner of the September Poster of the Month is FOL with the great post in the thread "Commit murder with your console..."

Congratulations FOL. :thumbs:

15th November 2007, 18:30
Congrats Fol, although I should apologise for Fol's ever-so-short reign at the top!

15th November 2007, 23:15
Don't worry. Because I didn't announce the two month's Poster of the Month awards until now I'm keeping the accolade on both of your profiles until December. :)

Demon Cleaner
16th November 2007, 06:01
I haven't seen FOL here for a while?

16th November 2007, 06:50
I think he is very busy working on his ZX Spectrum emulator for the PSP. He is also trying to continue work on PSPUAE solo. I will have to PM him on his forum.

16th November 2007, 08:40
Man he has one busy life! I will be joining him soon, I have so many things I want to do in my holidays!