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4th January 2007, 15:25
As with the old forum, Poster of the Month (POTM) is back. :D But we have some exciting changes! There is now a new quoting system on the forum so you can submit posts for Poster of the Month automatically by clicking the submit button at the bottom right of every post which will make everything much easier than before.

How to Nominating a Post.

When you wish to submit a post for Poster of the Month please follow all of the rules listed below.

To nominate a post for POTM click on the "Submit" button found at the bottom of each forum post.
Once clicked the quote submit page will appear. Edit out any parts of the post being submitted that are not related to your reason for nominating the post.
Add any comments to the conditions box for why you are nominating this post.
Select the correct Poster of the Month category for the current month from the list of available quote categories shown, so for Jan 07 you would select the "Poster of the Month - Jan 07" category.
Once submitted your quoted post will then be visible by clicking on the Nominated Posts forum.

How to vote for nominated posts of the month.

Once some posts have been nominated for that month you may then vote on them, giving each a score out of 5 stars.

Selecting the final winner.

Once the month has ended, if one member has more votes for their nominated posts than any other member they will automatically be crowned the POTM for that month.

If however more than one member is tied with equal votes then the average voting score will be considered and the tied member with the highest average votes for their post will automatically win and be crowned the POTM for that month.

If two or more tied posts also have the same average vote scores then a poll will be created so that everyone can vote for which of the tied members should be crowned Poster of the Month for that month.

Rules for Poster of the Month.

You may submit any posts made within the current month as a nomination for Poster of the Month.
You may not submit any of your own posts for Poster of the Month. Warnings will be given for this and your quote will be deleted by a moderator.
You may submit posts made by me (Harrison) into Poster of the Month but they will not be included in the final Poster of the Month voting. This is because I feel that as admin it is unfair to be included in the member POTM system as I will on the whole be posting a lot more posts than any other member (this was agreed originally on the old forum).
When submitted a post using the quote system you may edit the post being quoted to only include the parts of the post that you wish to show.
The parts of each post being quoted must remain intact. You are not allowed to edit the quoted post to make it read differently. It must remain as the original poster intended.
Once a post has been submitted as a Poster of the Month quote everyone can then vote for the quote using a 1-5 rating system.
At the end of each month the Poster of the Month quotes with the most votes will be put forward in a poll for everyone to vote on which poster should be given the award of Poster of the Month for that month.
Once a winner is voted they will be awarded with the Poster of the Month members banner and their name will appear on the forum in Green for the following month. They will also receive an award icon that will remain under their username on their posts and in the profile, and they will also be awarded 5000 credits for their efforts. These award icons will remain on each winners profile forever to show they were a winner of the award. Each time a member wins POTM they will gain an additional award in their profile.

Hope you all like the new system and enjoy taking part. :thumbs: