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12th September 2007, 21:29
I dont know about you guys (and I say guys cos I have never seen a girl on this site) but when your in the pub there are unspoken rules of conduct that just come naturally. For example; you dont stand at the bar stopping people from ordering just cos you have a drink, you dont shout random crap at people just because they look different and you dont stare at the big guy with the spider tattoo on his face. Why is it Women do not understand this? Maybe im being biased but they do not seem to have a clue how to act. I was in the pub tonight with my dad watching the football and every 10 minutes this one girl would walk past to go to the loo and shoulder me like i wasnt there. I'm not the biggest guy in the world but everyone else in the goddamn place seemed to know I was there, i.e. 'excuse me mate', ''watch yer self a sec', 'can i get past buddy'. Its not like I was lying in the floor, its just a narrow pub and it was standing room only. Anyhoos, I almost spilled a beer over some dude because of being rammed by this lassie. :mad:
Its not the first time I have noticed this either - you always see lassies wasted so bad they cant even stand and you hear them mouthing off all the time. Guys wouldnt do that because of the darwin theory - they would simply be removed from the human race.
Anyways, rant over... No its not actually. Scotland punishes its fans more than any other team on this planet - they won but the whole pub counted down the minutes from 80minutes in. Swines held on by the skin of their teeth. Rant over now! :)

12th September 2007, 23:05
You are right about women being much worse that blokes once they have had a few. Plus these is the going to the loo every few minutes.

But I have to add that I've noticed a lot more younger blokes these days seem to be acting more like the girls. I've mentioned this a while back (maybe on the old forum) but the school leavers today don't even look like they have reached puberty! And there is no way you could call them men!

12th September 2007, 23:05
It's not just in the pub mate.
When walking around town, the women always expect you to step aside for them.
The just keep walking and will plough into you if you don't move.
Then they will give you a mouthfull for not looking where you are going.
I am 6ft and 15.5 stone and walk pretty swiftly.
I could quite easily flatten most women if I walked into them.
So who steps aside, me of course.

12th September 2007, 23:14
That is also very true.

I often see groups of women walking alone oblivious of anything around them because they are more interested in the latest hair style or nail varnish they just had done, and expect everyone to get out of their way.

There is also the single mums with pushchairs that really annoy me. They use the pushchairs to push their way through people, they don't take anyone else into consideration in shops or the street (the number of times I've had my foot run over or been pushed into) and the thing that is really unbelievable is when then stick their pushchair with their kid in it into the road to stop the traffic so they can cross.

12th September 2007, 23:26
God yes, the charge of the pram brigade.
Annoying as it is to have your ankles rammed by a pram, also, where is the concern for their own child.

Your not wrong about young lads these days.
There is nothing wrong in taking a bit of personal pride with your appearance, but some lads take it several steps too far.

13th September 2007, 09:04
Well this thread hit a few home truths with me! I don't like generalizing one sex, as there are always exceptions, but 90% of women do act in the same rude manner. I think it's just in their genes to be more selfish in certain scenarios.

Women in pubs are extremely rude. If it's busy, they push their way to the front, oblivious to those around them. If a bloke did the same he'd get punched. They NEVER get the attendant to serve someone who was clearly at the bar before them (yet kick up a fuss if blokes do the same). Expect special treatment from men when it comes to buying drinks or opening doors. Find it hilarious to pinch your backside and make loud remarks about someone standing next to them. The list could go on.

Women in general want the benefits of equal rights (fair enough), but none of the drawbacks. They still expect men to be old fashioned gentlemen and put the ladies first and boy do they abuse that power!

On the roads as well. Women may be the safest drivers, but they are by far the most selfish. Most never let people out at junctions, wave anyone on, thank you for being kind and giving them priority and will pull out in front of you or do a maneuver in the road as if you weren't there!

The push chair example is also spot on. Using it to stop oncoming traffic is ridiculous, but does happen! It's like they're saying "LOOK, I'M MOTHER AND CHILD - I GET 100% PRIORITY!"

Apart from that they're great. :)

13th September 2007, 10:32
Women safer drivers? I'm not so sure about that. Men probably have more accidents where they claim on their insurance, but I have my suspicions that more women have accidents that no one ever sees. Men do tend on the whole to drive faster, that is true, but from what I've witnessed on the roads women tend to be worse at manoeuvring a car.

I'm also convinced that it is women in car parks that keep creating dents down the side of my car!!! :mad: