View Full Version : Gamebase Amiga

Demon Cleaner
11th September 2007, 17:25
There's a new release (at UG) of the Amiga Gamebase, I think I'll d/l it, and try it out, as Lemonade is a bit outdated.

I have the Gamebase64 (C64) running for some years now, and it's absolutely great. There's also a new version of this one (v5) available since 1-2 weeks, which has now a huge update from v3 (v4 never officially released). Have a look at GB64 (http://www.gb64.com/index.php).

And there is also a Gamebase ST for Atari fans, I will also have a look at this one.

For those who don't know the Gamebase, just have a look at the GB64 site, and see what possibilities you have, it just a very complete set of everything around gaming. :thumbs: