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7th September 2007, 09:41
Who else likes Industrial Metal (Tanz-Metall/Dance Metal)?

I've listened to Ministry and Rammstein for a long time. Also Godflesh, Killing Joke (have always been a fan), Lard (discovered via Jello Biafra (Dead kennedy's)/ministry a long time ago), Pitchshifter (again due to Jello Biafra involvement) and a few others.

I've been a fan of the genre since it first appeared but need something new to listen too, so am looking for some recommendations. What others would you recommend?

I used to like some of the early Nine Inch Nails, but I listened to some of their recent tracks and it doesn't sound like the same band! Well, the band is really just one member with others invited to form the rest so their sound is never consistent. They now sound like some gay pop group!

Demon Cleaner
7th September 2007, 11:09
I listen to some industrial metal too, and you should definitely buy or d/l the last 3 Ministry albums, which are a trilogy:

- Houses of the molé
- Rio Grande blood
- The last sucker (will be released this month)

They are real killers, and Tommy Victor (ex-guitarist of Prong) is giving the songs a nice riffing.

I also listened to Pitchshifter and Lard. You may try out KMFDM, but be careful, not everything from them is good, you might try out the albums, Angst and Nihil. They have a lot of albums.

The greatest industrial band imo is Die Krupps, and mostly the album The Final Option. Other albums like Paradise Now and Odyssey of the Mind are also great, but less industrial.

One industrial band which comes to mind is Cubanate which is pure techno industrial, or whatever you may call it. Same with Lords of Acid.

Good bands to check out are Misery loves Co, Drown, Pain, Skrew or Circle of Dust.

7th September 2007, 11:32
Great. Thanks for the suggestions. I've heard of some of those and will start downloading some of them this weekend. :)

I will definitely grab the last three Ministry albums while I'm at it too. I have originals of most of their albums up to the end of the 90's but haven't bought any since. Need to catch up on them. :)