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7th September 2007, 09:17
I always used to like the Pet Shop Boys (sorry DC :lol:) but I've been searching for their albums on many torrent sites and there are not many available. I thought they would have been more popular? :unsure:

I've also liked when they produce music for others as they always add their own sound and feel to the mix.

I did eventually find a full discography in FLAC format which is great, but it was quite hard to find.

Anyone else like them?

I even found a remix that even DC might like. Rammstein - Mein Teil (You Are What You Eat edit / remix by Pet Shop Boys), on their 2004 Mein Teil album. Sounds great.

Demon Cleaner
7th September 2007, 09:28
:lol: When I looked at the unread posts, I saw the thread called "Pet Shop Boys", and I saw it was started by you, Harrison. So I thought, hopefully he won't come up with something weird again, and knew already what I was going to post without even reading it. Now that I read it, I see that you immediately apologized, which is quite funny, you knew exactly that I was going to joke around.

So, I have only one word for the Pet Shop Boys and that is: GAY

7th September 2007, 09:44
Sorry Harrison i dont like then, but, the song "it's a sin" it's special...
there is a metal band called "Gamma Ray" his guitar/vocal Kai Hansen was a former member from Helloween (with "e" not with "a") and they have a cover from that song, very fast version, superb track.

7th September 2007, 09:47
Yeah, In know that version of "It's a Sin". Had forgotten then band was called Gamma Ray though, and I hadn't realised about the former member of Helloween. I used to listen to them. :)

7th September 2007, 14:30
Despite the gayness and everything, I actually do like their music. Definitely better than about 95% of the commercial crap out there nowadays.

8th September 2007, 14:08
I'm not so keen on the gay-ness aspect, but some of their music is really quite good, but it's that peculiar sort of thing I hear on on the radio/TV and quite like, but would never go out of my way to listen to.